Hulu's updated interface and live TV service available on Samsung Smart TVs

Hulu launched its live TV service and updated UI earlier this year, and they're two additions that make using the app much more enjoyable. Hulu's new look has steadily been rolling out to more and more platforms, and the latest to receive the update is Samsung's Smart TVs.

Hulu made the announcement via a blog post on its official website, and it notes that any Smart TV from Samsung released in 2017 will now have access to the more modern interface and live TV option.

The new UI for Hulu offers much more personalization for each of the six profiles that you can create, and the Hulu With Live TV plan costs $39.99/month after a one-week free trial.

Samsung's Smart TVs are the latest devices to support Hulu's new look, with other supported hardware including Roku and Amazon Fire TV options, 4th-generation Apple TV, Xbox One lineup, Android and iOS, and even the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, there's still no word as to when Android TV will get to share in on the fun.

Hulu's Android TV app is looking mighty dated these days.

Hulu's Android TV app is looking mighty dated these days.

Hulu occasionally updates its app on Android TV, but it's still rocking the now-outdated interface with no option for live TV support. That's a potential deal-breaker for some Hulu subscribers eager to try out Google's take on Android for the living room, so we hope this is something that gets fixed sooner rather than later.

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