Honor 6

Huawei has launched its Honor – yes, the American spelling – brand in Europe officially and with it the Honor 6 as the launch device. The top line is that the Honor 6 packs some excellent hardware into a nice design at a great price point. In the UK, for example, the Honor 6 can be yours for £249.99 with zero carrier involvement.

So, the specs. Like the Ascend series, the Honor 6 uses Huawei's own CPU, in this case the octa-core Kirin 920. It's paired with 3GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot and CAT 6 LTE capabilities, with a 13MP camera round the back and decently sized 3100mAh battery. Round the front there's a 5-inch, 1080p display and Huawei's now customary high screen-to-body ratio.

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Software wise the Honor 6 runs Android 4.4 KitKat with Huawei's own customizations on top. From the early images it doesn't look like the latest version of EMUI that we've seen on the Ascend Mate 7. Oh, and as mentioned above, there's no carrier involvement on this one.

On purpose Huawei has decided to ignore the stores, ignore the carriers, and offer the Honor 6 directly to you online, unlocked, and for a competitive price. For £249.99 the Honor 6 certainly offers a lot of phone for not a whole lot of money and it's available to buy right now via Amazon in black or white. We've been impressed with Huawei's 2014 devices so far and so we're looking forward to taking a better look at the Honor 6. For now you'll find the full press release below.

A BRAVE NEW BRAND IS BORN TO SHAKE UP THE WORLD OF MOBILE Introducing Honor - designed to return power to consumers

29th October, London: Today marks the beginning of a brave new era in mobile technology as a new brand launches into the crowded European mobile market - a brand that's not afraid to do things differently, to be brave and bring about change.

Honor is launching in a different way - without the fanfare of big budget TV ads and without a chain of stores on the high-street. Instead, the pre-launch investment has gone into creating a better smartphone at a better price and, in contrast to smartphones sold in brick and mortar stores, Honor breaks the norm of a one way relationship between brand and follower by using its innovative 'consumer-to-business' (C2B) model to put consumers are the heart of the business and to connect with them directly through an online shopping channel they love – Amazon. Honor is committed to bringing this new business model of e-commerce to Europe.

The Honor brand has been designed to meet the needs of the 'always on' digital natives, a group that lives in the internet, spending one third of their time online for social and entertainment, shopping, studying or simply staying connected.

Honor is for those not afraid to be different, for those who want to shake things up and aren't afraid to defy convention to get what they want, those who live by the motto "be who you are, not who the world wants you to be".

Honor's approach to everything it does is, "By the consumer, for the consumer". Starting at its launch, Honor will regularly invite customer involvement; consumers will be invited to feedback suggestions on improvement of user interface on the basis of which Honor will update the user interface periodically. Consumers are invited to give feedback through Honor's official website, hihonor.com or facebook.com/HonorEurope or twitter.com/honoreu.

Honor's first device to launch in Europe, the Honor 6, will be one of the fastest in the market with leading-edge 'Cat6' 4G technology (twice as fast as ordinary 4G) including its proprietary Kirin chipset, an FHD 5" screen, 13MP camera and patented SmartPower2.0 technology giving at least 2 days battery power for average users all at £249.99 positioning Honor to shake up the category.

Honor is about delivering what you need and ask for, not about all the fanfare that the market has become accustomed to.

As a mobile internet e-commerce brand, Honor encourages partnership by offering an open alliance platform. All partners are welcome to participate in different arrays of technologies, product, sales and co-branding cooperation.

Mr Jeff Liu, President of Honor commented: "We are aiming to develop Honor as the top Android brand through the 'By the consumer, for the consumer' philosophy'; Honor is a brand designed to meet the needs of its consumers, to give them choice, quality and freedom and, ultimately, save them money – Honor is a new lifestyle."

Honor: For The Brave.

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