HTC will launch premium tablets in 2015, says low-end isn't profitable

HTC won't be releasing low-end tablets anytime soon, according to North Asia President Jack Tong. At a local event in Taipei, where the vendor launched the two mid-range Desire smartphones and the Nexus 9 tablet, the executive explained to CNA that the low-end (under $164) segment of the tablet market simply isn't profitable. The manufacturer is instead going to focus its attention on the high-end segment, and is set to launch tablets in this category next year.

Tong notes how "there is actually a bit more room for growth and product differentiation in the high-end and mid-tier tablet segments," and that smartphones with 5.5-inch (or larger) displays have slightly blurred the demand for 7-inch tablets.

HTC has also been absent from the tablet market for some time and while the company may look to launch tablets under its own branding next year, we'll likely not see any affordable slates should what this executive said hold out against future company plans.

Source: Focus Taiwan

Rich Edmonds