'HTC Wildfire C' appears in leaked press image

Looks like HTC may be preparing to bolster its entry-level line up with a new member of the Wildfire family. The image above leaked out today on PocketNow, claiming to show the HTC Wildfire C, previously known by its codename "Golf. A list of purported specs appeared alongside the pic, claiming a 3.5-inch HVGA screen, 4GB of internal storage and a 5MP camera. On the software side, the device apparently runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC Sense 4. Again, no surprises there.

If the specs are accurate, it looks like this phone will be positioned below the HTC One V, which includes a slightly larger, higher-quality screen. And if the history of the Wildfire name is any indication, we'd carriers to offer the 'Wildfire C' for free on fairly low-cost contracts.

Source: PocketNow

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Cool.
  • Nice. I could see Virgin Mobile (US), MetroPCS, and Cricket all getting a variant.
  • So this gets sense 4 but the rezound doesnt? Way to go htc...NOT!
  • HTC won't put Sense 4 because it wants to give people something they're used to after they update. Sense 4 and 3.5 are very different so they give them 3.6
  • Give it a while, you might get later on Just like the Desire HD (launched with Sense 2.1), when the Gingerbread update came out they said it will remain on 2.1 & not getting Sense 3.0, fast forward a couple of months later it got an update to Sense 3.5 & will probably get 3.6 with the upcoming ICS update HTC did real good to the Desire HD
  • I'm okay with the sub-1GHz CPU, but I really hope this doesn't come with an ARMv6 based CPU. Those things really need to stop. Anyone happen to know what the CPU is?
  • If a phone like this can get ICS, why can't Motorolla support the Droid X/2? Or pretty much any phone made since 2009?
  • Didnt HTC say they would be releasing less phones in 2012?
  • So much for a leaner release of HTC products.
  • So much for a leaner release of HTC products.
  • the "C" stands for crap
  • I had to do a double-take looking at this phone. Looks like a shorty One X. I really like what HTC is doing this year: great phone designs, dual-core S4 that can hold its own against a quad-core, incredible displays, ICS across the board. Looks like this might be the year for HTC!
  • This is the 2012 device Android Instagrammers are going to use to ruin Instagram.