HTC Trade Up: Get up to $300 for your old phone

Have you been eyeing one of HTC's new phones? Well you're in luck because HTC just announced their Trade Up program. Very similar to what Samsung is also doing, HTC is willing to give you up to $300 for your old (working & non-damaged) phone. However unlike the Samsung offer, HTC doesn't specify what device you have to buy, as long as it is a new HTC phone.

I crunched a few numbers for you and assuming the phone has no liquid damage or corrosion and the screen isn't broken, damaged or leaking, here is what HTC will offer for the following: (I used AT&T for the carrier)

  • iPhone 4 16GB- $145
  • iPhone 4S 16GB - $215
  • iPhone 4S 32GB - $230
  • Samsung Galaxy S - $40
  • Samsung Galaxy SII - $125

The phones listed above are just to give you an idea of what HTC is offering for some popular devices. If you've been looking at getting a new HTC, head on over to their Trade Up site, enter your old device info and see how much it's worth.

via: HTC

Scott Young
  • Forget that. If your phone is in good condition and your screen isn't all scratched to hell, go to Swappa. If you actually take care of your phone you can easily find someone to take it off your hands for quite a bit more than that. Heck, even Craigslist will net you more. Could easily get over $200 for a Galaxy S2 locally. Samsung's site told me I could get $200 for my note, but between Swappa and local deals I could net between 325 and 400. Seriously these trade in sites are only good if your phone has been beaten all to hell.
  • $20 for an EVO 4G? They can pucker up and smooch it.
  • Agreed. I'll pay the $200 for a new phone and give the $20 one to my son for a Mini-Tablet (which he uses all the time already)
  • ... it's a JOKE what they say they'll give you for a EVO 4G. Remember how Sprint was saying it was the Flagship Cellphone ??? Wonder where that went. SMDH
  • I just sold my Captivate for $140 on eBay - much better deal.
  • Too bad HTC has nothing good available. Now if they'd pay me to upgrade to a Galaxy S3, then heck yeah. I'd give em my Razr Maxx.
  • $60 for my Inspire.
  • $40 for my Thunderbolt. As if I haven't been insulted enough. This phablet better be the Jesus phone.
  • Yeah, I have been rocking the Tbolt since launch and should get some sort of premium for being loyal to it--and still get to keep my Tbolt as backup.
  • The Jesus phone? That would be SWEET if it had gospel tracts pre installed. And the wording for all of the ordinances.
  • Was just going to post something similar. I feel like the $40 should have had a troll face underneath it.
  • i'll stick with Samsung. do you hear me Chou???????????
  • $40 for the new Incredible 4G LTE? No thanks, I'll keep it
  • 150 for my rezound, 140 for my wife razr, 45 for the X2 hmmm
  • I'd rather keep my Thunderbolt if all they offer is $40. But why is there mention of the Thunderbolt 2 on the the list for $150, could this be announced tomorrow?
  • Yeah, just posted about the Thunderbolt 2 thing here:
  • Maybe it would not be so bad if HTC then offered a discount on their phone with the trade-up program. Otherwise they are just taking advantage of people's ignorance of the value of their phone.
  • What's even worse, is that they're offering MORE for the iPhone 4S 16 GB than my HTC One XL from AT&T. What does that say about their products?
  • Anyone figure out what phone the'll give $300 for? I checked the SGS III 32gb and it was $290, so what are they considering worth the extra $10?
  • Anyone figure out what phone the'll give $300 for? I checked the SGS III 32gb and it was $290, so what are they considering worth the extra $10?
  • $25 for nexus s....they can suck it!! for that price I'll just hold on to it as a dev device :)
  • $50 for my Evo 3D. F U HTC.
  • wwwoooowwww $100 for my 4 month old mint condition One S, they can suck it...
  • Yeah $65 bucks for my atrix2. Nope
  • Best Buy mobile gave me $100 (well $95 because I kept the charger) for my Infuse 4G This site offers me $105. I'd rather have the $95 off the phone price than pay it and get the $105 on a prepaid card some time later. My previous phone (Palm Pre Plus) is worth $0.
  • They are giving $325 for a 32gb Galaxy S3 on at&t but only $290 for the verizon version.
  • My theory on that is that there are more global GSM carriers, so the phones are more valuable.
  • They paying $125.0 for the SGS2! I can take the same phone to AT&T and they`ll paying $250. for it.. BAD deal HTC and Samsung.
  • Our household phones are pricey doorstops: Nexus One/T-Mobile: $25
    iPhone 4 32Gb/Verizon: $155
  • No surprise to me they are offering a measly $30 for my POS HTC Thunderbolt. HTC NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN F.U.!