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HTC Thunderbolt update leaked, reboots be gone

Not all that long ago we found out that a HTC Thunderbolt update was ready to be pushed out to help reduce the amount of reboots the device has been seeing, and now the update has surfaced online. The flashing process is pretty simple, and similar to how it has been on past leaks for the device, download the update, rename it to, boot the device to bootloader, sit back and relax as it does the magic for you. This update will wipe your device, so you will have to reinstall everything and set up as new, but that is a small price to pay to hopefully get rid of those random reboots, and as always be sure to let us know how it goes for you in the forums!

Source: Android Police

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  • Looking to get away from Blackberry's. This would be an answer to prayer
  • please for the love of Lloyd, do not buy this phone until you read some reviews and articles about all the problems this phone has been having.
  • exaggerate much? i haven't had one problem with reboots and what reviews would you be referring to?
  • Um, the problems that were mentioned in this very article that you obviously didn't even bother to read. Not to mention the reviews that say the Thunderbolt has a pretty bad battery life when on 4G. Maybe you were lucky and got a Thunderbolt that works well, but you can't pretend that everyone is having the same experience as you. Ignoring that and telling people that there's nothing wrong with the Thunderbolt is not only dishonest but totally unfair to someone coming to this site for reliable information.
  • Really? Completely wipe your device for an update that should be pushed out in just a matter of days, if not hours?
  • This is essentially what an RUU is. It will wipe the device because of how it installs. It is a clean slate. The OTA will be packaged differently and shouldn't wipe the device. Unfortunately both methods will remove root and S-Off (as seen above).
  • Mine is downloading OTA right now. Checked for software update and there it was.
  • Got it OTA right now... Aware I may loose root... interested in trying it anyway. oops... realized I needed the stock recovery. Can't install. Will wait until someone has functional ROM
  • It won't loosen your root - it will "stump grind" it away. :-D
  • Considering the press release only says reduce the number of reboots, I don't expect this update to get rid of them.