HTC Support Site Reveals HTC Hero Heading to Sprint

It's been rumored before but it looks to be all confirmed now--the HTC Hero will be heading to Sprint. Engadget has seen the official HTC Support Site for the HTC Hero and it detailed the Hero as a Sprint device and that's pretty much that. Sprint is certainly strengthening their product portfolio with the Palm Pre already in tow and the HTC Hero on the way.

What is left up in the air is how long the exclusivity will be (if there will be any exclusivity at all) and what a Sprint CDMA HTC Hero spells for an US GSM version of the Hero. Will there be an unlocked option? Is that no longer a possibility? We'll soon find out.

In the mean time, are you happy with Sprint being the carrier for the HTC Hero? Or would you have preferred T-Mobile or maybe even AT&T or Verizon?

Casey Chan