HTC Support Site Reveals HTC Hero Heading to Sprint

It's been rumored before but it looks to be all confirmed now--the HTC Hero will be heading to Sprint. Engadget has seen the official HTC Support Site for the HTC Hero and it detailed the Hero as a Sprint device and that's pretty much that. Sprint is certainly strengthening their product portfolio with the Palm Pre already in tow and the HTC Hero on the way.

What is left up in the air is how long the exclusivity will be (if there will be any exclusivity at all) and what a Sprint CDMA HTC Hero spells for an US GSM version of the Hero. Will there be an unlocked option? Is that no longer a possibility? We'll soon find out.

In the mean time, are you happy with Sprint being the carrier for the HTC Hero? Or would you have preferred T-Mobile or maybe even AT&T or Verizon?

Casey Chan
  • "... prefer T-Mobile or maybe even AT&T or Verizon" Yes to all. Can I get a 3G only network plan to work with the phone and skip getting the cell phone service? Did I word that right?
  • If you chose a Business plan you might be able to get Data only. It would probably cost the same as a Voice plan with Data added since Data usually is discounted as you add more things on. The device will cost more because the price is a 2 year agreement WITH a qualifying rate plan. Be sure to find a knowledgeable rep and read the fine print!
  • The whole reason I chose T-mobile as my provider was because they offer a stand-alone data & unlimited texting plan without voice. At the time they were the only one that offered me this. I paid only $34.99/mo for this service. I believe the same would apply to this phone.
  • I'm not particularly concerned about it. Yes its a cool phone, and its a bummer that T-Mobile won't be carrying it. But I never had any real desire to get it. No Android device has quite made the jump that makes me crazy for the new hardware. It'll come out soon enough though I'm sure.
  • i was suckerd in to buying the mytouch crap. i should switched to sprint for the pre.
  • Yes you should. I love my Pre. I'm tempted by Android and I keep watching it. But the Pre is a better implementation of Linux IMHO and I love the hardware.
  • Considering I have Sprint, I LOVE that it's coming to may even convince me to give up my Blackberry that I love...
  • Ok now this is just BS!!! LOL
    How could this phone be coming out for Sprint? I mean seriously???
    If any thing T-Mobile first, AT&T, and maybe even verizon, and i hate Verizon.
    I guess we will see how it does with sprint.
    BOOOOOOZZZZZZ all the way tho. =(
  • Have you seen the Boy Genius speed test on Sprint? Sprint has a great network and is very price competitive. Much better than Verizon or AT&T. T-Mobile is a joke. EDGE? Really?
  • T-Mobile has had 3G since early 2008 that rivals AT&T in speed due to AT&T oversaturating and not adding capacity. I live in a T-Mobile 3G area and its much faster to tether with a rooted G1 than it is to use my AT&T 3G laptop card.
  • you can buy the hero and get it activated on t-mobile... search in google is available since it already caome out in china and europe, thus tmobil and att customers can already have it.
  • *dances* Looks like sprint is trying to stay in the game they got some nice phones out this year
  • Makes absolute(sence)!lol. The best android phone in the market to date with an all inclusive plane (Simply everything), also great 3g network to boot. Awsome move, I can't wait to get my hands on this great looking device.
  • Of all the majors here in the US..Sprint is likely the best landing spot for ANY Android handset, with T-mobile being a close second. Verizon, though having a great network frequently cripples phone limiting thier usabilty, wi-fi, gps,apps. Pricing is pretty expensive. AT&T, just have a terrible network. Howard Stern is always talking about how he loves his Blackberry, but he needs a phone to actually make calls, can you imagine in New York AT&T's coverage is shoddy? pricing is pretty expensive T-Mobile, the only issue there is the 3G coverage, they haven't built it out yet. Sprint, the only knock against them that you hear is the customer service. The data network is rock solid (speed and reliabilty, pricing is excellent, coverage is pretty good(although I hear different from other people) and they have a long, long history of letting customers install items on phones, they don't lock them down and restrict your use. If your a Sprint customer this is great news, if your with someone else and thinking about Android now is the time to switch..If someone can debate any of what I said please do..
  • My boss is on T-Mobile and he drops calls all over the midwest. Last week I rode with him and we were both on the phone all day. He dropped 6 calls. I didn't lose any. Thanks Sprint!
  • Glad Sprint has an Android phone coming. The Sprint network is rock solid. I still do not get the love of VZW? They cripple phones, billing errors, overcharge, and have the second best network. I am glad that this phone is not going to VZW and AT&T. AT&T has spotty 3G and has been know to drop calls. (Yse I am an iPHone user, as well as a Pre user). This will give Sprint a shot at showing their improvements. For a GSM model, I hope it goes to T-Mobile. I had T-Mobile in past, they need to upgrade their network quicker.
  • CRAP!
    Now I'll have to decide if I want to keep my Pre or change to the Hero when it comes to Sprint. ;) I'm so glad I switched to this carrier.
    I was on AT&T with an iPhone and I get better service with Sprint and now they have better phones. Win win. :)
  • I think its pretty good its coming to sprint.(I'm a Pre Owner) Sprint is not a bad service company, all services have their flaws.I can bash Verizon,T-mobile and AT&T,but I won't.I'm a sprint cumtomer and I'm glad an adroid phone is coming to sprint. Congrads sprint :-)
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  • 8 mbps? My mogul sucked! And by my Mogul, I mean all 5, as I kept having to replace them... happily married to the Pre now :)
  • No service in the US comes close to Sprint in data speeds. They have the best data service (EVDO) rocks and I get upto 8mbps on my HTC Mogul.
    Can't wait for the HERO on Sprint.
  • The max speed of Ev-DO Rev-A is 3.1mbps and Rev-0 is 800kbps. Get off of your WiFi and then try testing again.
  • I was a Sprint customer years ago and they sucked! I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer for the past 5 years and love them! I currently have the G1 and I am disappointed to hear that the Hero is not coming to T-Mobile. That being said, the comments above about Sprint are rather intriguing so we will have to see. For those of you that have the G1, install OpenHome Full! It is sick!
  • Didn't the FCC pass the Hero under AT&T bands a while ago?
  • BULLSHIT!!! I am so not happy. Why does such a great phone have to go to sprint of all carriers. Sprint sucks like no other, although every carrier has flaws sprint by far is the worse. I tried them all and currently I have the G1 so I was surfing the net lookin for an upgrade and I come accross the HTC Hero. I was so happi with it and the camera (5mp) was one of the main attractions. T mobile should really get the HTC Hero, but if not ill jus have to buy and unlock it :-p
  • LOL. Live Happi with T Mobile on your 2G network!
  • T-Mobile has had 3G since spring of 2008. T-Mobile's 3G gives better speeds due to the fact that its not oversaturated like AT&T's current line of all 3G phones and underpowered towers.
  • Lets look at the carriers. You say Sprint sucks.
    Verizon; cripples phones, high price, good network, widest coverage, good customer service
    AT&T; fair to bad network, high price, good coverage area
    T-Mobile; Edge for most of network, prices rising, good customer service
    Sprint; best network, excellent pricing, nice coverage area, customer service weak but improving. So, what do we have here, Sprint wins on network, and pricing but not on customer service. The vast majority of days I never use customer service, but I do use the network and am on a pricing plan. Somehow, I do not see your perspective.
  • after suffering through sprint for many years i have to say they really turned things around. the coverage has been solid with pretty fast data speeds for less than 100. been loving the sprint tv and nfl app as well. oh yeah, if you call customer service you get routed to the usa or canada and for that they win in my book.
  • By the time T-Mobile has decent 3G, Sprint will be running 4G. Close behind means close to being completely eclipsed as far as we're concerned! I'm a T-Mobile user who switched over from Verizon, and I have no problems saying that the 3G on my G1 has NOTHING on Sprint's network.
  • Its cool that sprint is getting the Hero, hey, they're part of the OHA. Bout time they got a decent hone fro HTC cause all the other ones suck, and that instinct II is hella crap, how the hell do you downgrade the network on a successor to the original? Maybe if sprint gets this android they'll have a new margin over us tmobile ppl. But remember sprint lovers, we (T-Mobile) are real close behind.......real close. The only reason tmobile 3g isn't booming is because of the government, who we bought our 3g technology from, they haven't got there butts off the 3g bands in certain locations where t-mo lacks it.
  • T-Mobile close behind? In 3G? Government is to blame? Funniest joke I have heard in awhile. Sprint currently has the fastest and most reliable 3G network out there. It is also the largest. The Instinct 2 hasn't even came out yet, its model number is M850, not M810 that you may be referring to. To be truthful, I am glad that Sprint told Apple that we didn't want there iPhone as it didn't meet our quality standards (you don't create an MP3 player and then decide to put phone radios in it) and look how it has crippled AT&T's network! In the end, Sprint will win with its solid leadership and vastly improving customer service (the rest of them have tanked a little)
  • Amen dude, Sprint has definitely turned it around. I'm a T-Mobile user and a Sprint salesman, and im chomping at the bit for my T-Mo contract to expire so I can get my employee discount (Pre w/ simply everything for $20 a month!)
  • Or I'll get the Hero...looks pretty B.A.
  • FYI It's called the Instinct S30, and it is hands-down better than the Instinct M800 and most phones offered by T-Mobile.
  • FYI It's called the Instinct S30, and it is hands-down better than the Instinct M800 and most phones offered by T-Mobile.
  • Instinct S30 'hands-down' better than the Instinct M800?? Not so fast! S30 has EV-DO Rev 0 (instead of M800's Rev A), integrated pocket express apps have been removed, no second battery/battery charging cradle, not to mention a smaller MicroSD card included when purchased. It has a slightly different form factor, but not by 'that' much. I guess it's all subjective as to whether or not that part is better than the M800. Overall though, it's less of a phone than its predecessor. Not quite sure what Sprint was thinking...
  • oh please.....the Instinct s30 is NO WHERE NEAR as good as the original (which also sucks)! Anyway, Sprints network....voice and data are far superior to TMobile, Verizon, and solar systems and galaxies superior to AT&T!
  • I had sprint, like I said had sprint. Sprint really sucked, sucked horribly bad. Customer support blew chunks, they do not care a bout you. Also Sprint has questionable billing methods, they would add things on my account they thought could charge me and get away with it, but i look at all my bills and look them over well. Since I have switched to t-mobile, with my g1 phone I get great coverage, have never droped a call, great customer support probably the best, and they don't try to pull one over on me on my billing. T-mobile I feel really cares a bout the customer and not lets see what we can do to get an extra penny out of people. Also with these phones just wait a year, trust me your phone will be out date and they will have the more nice phone out. Save up and buy something you really want, not the next thing they try to get you to buy. I still feel like my g1 does everything I want and is better than the Palm Pre. Ha the palm pre is a joke. Small screen, and super small qwerty key board, What am I a hobbit? I feel as if I am gonna break the phone cause its so tiny.
  • Are you sure it was not Verizon that you had? They are infamous for adding charges. As for Sprint, my wife added a NFL update team service. It did not say there was a charge, when the bill came, $19.95 extra. Called and the Sprint rep said yeah that was a problem. She credited the charge and blocked it. It showed up the next month, called again credited and was blocked. Never saw it again. No hassles, problems, or fights. For some reason the first block did not go through, things happen. I admit that T-mobile has better customer service at the moment. But Sprint is trying to improve. Sprint beats T-Mobile's network and as I said before, I use the network daily, not customer service.
  • I talked to sprint for over a week to find out more about the HERO . LOL All they would say is " FIRST YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE PHONE THEN WE CAN HELP YOU SIR . Well I got it ! "in more ways then one ." I have now spent over 20 hours trying to get it set up . all I want is a full key board & dialer . Now that really shouldn't be all that hard , Should it ? Sprint pass's the buck to HTC and they say its not there deal . HUMM Do you really want this piece of junk ?