HTC Sensation hits the FCC again, for real this time

To add to the confusion, the HTC Sensation has cleared the FCC, and this time it has a name.  A few days back a phone with no name, identified only by a model number cleared the FCC, and we all thought that was the Sensation.  Today we see a different phone, with a different model number, but the name HTC Sensation clearly identified, making it's way through the FCC verification process.  Odds are that this time it really is the HTC Sensation.  The phone has T-Mobile "4G" radios and everything else is still marked confidential.  But it does say HTC Sensation, so it has to be it.  Right?  Right?

So to recap:

  • The PG58130 is the HTC Sensation according to the FCC label.
  • The PG59100 is the HTC Doubleshot according to information from the system dump.
  • The PG58100 is something with T-Mobile radios and FCC approval.  Now to find out what.

Source: FCC via UnwiredView. Nice sleuthing, Florin!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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