HTC Salsa reportedly exclusive to O2 in the UK

HTC's Facebook-focused Salsa will be exclusive to the O2 network in the UK when it launches this June, according to reports from British online retailer Clove Technology. In a recent blog post, Clove says it'll be stocking HTC's other Facebook phone, the ChaCha, from June 17, but adds that it has "no indication as to when/if [the Salsa] will be available SIM-free".

The Salsa is currently nowhere to be found on O2's coming soon (opens in new tab) page, nor has the carrier made any official comment, so it's probably best to take this with a pinch of salt until it's officially confirmed.

Earlier today we reported that Amazon UK has SIM-free versions of the Salsa and ChaCha available for pre-order, so we'll have to wait and see if Amazon quietly pulls the SIM-free Salsa if/when the O2 exclusivity deal is confirmed.

Source: Clove Blog (opens in new tab); via: Eurodroid

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • I can't get over how much of a dumb idea this is. . . its a damn button... its just regular sense ui!
  • Good! I hope other carriers don't waste their time with this. It's way more of a gimmick than 3D will ever be, no matter what the Evo3D/3DS haters say.