HTC rolling out update to Android 2.3.5, Sense 3.0 for Desire S in UK

According to reports from multiple sources, the HTC Desire S is currently receiving an update to Android 2.3.5, which also bumps the mid-range handset from HTC Sense 2.1 right up to Sense 3.0. The new version of Sense, which first shipped on the Sensation earlier in the year, features a redesigned 3D launcher and lock screen setup, amongst other enhancements.

Apparently unbranded Desire S owners in the UK, as well as owners of Vodafone T-Mobile, O2 and Orange have begun to see the update roll out to their handsets over the past few days. To see if you're in line for the update yet, head to Menu -> Settings -> About phone -> Software update. If you're not seeing anything just yet, then hold tight, it'll probably be sent out sooner rather than later.

Source: XDA; via: Eurodroid

Alex Dobie
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  • Where's the desire HD update???? If the desire s can handle sense 3.0 surely the desire HD can too?!
  • Yeah, I want it on my Inspire!
  • Although I would love to see this on my inspire, I would rather have HTC spend their time working on getting ics ready for my phone...
  • Exactly! Same specced phone, I sincerely hope HTC see sense in this. Also does everyone remember when HTC said 3.0 would not run on the Desire S, liesss!
  • there's already custom roms for the Desire HD/Inspire with Sense 3.5, go get it.... Sense 3.5 is great
  • I like keeping it official, I'm too scared somethings going to go wrong if I try rooting and ROMing
  • EVO 3D rules all android devices
  • 3D phones sux big time..
  • So I wonder if the regular Sensation can receive the sense 3.5 update?
  • Any idea if the Incredible S will get it aswell??? I think it would be very rude of HTC to give sense 3.0 to Desire S users and leave us Incredible S owners out in the cold. The incredible s was more expensive than the Desire S probably due to the larger display and better camera but other than that these phones are almost identic... So I can't understand why we wouldn't get an update for the incredible s...
  • Already rooted and flashed CyanogenMod 7.1 so this is a bit late, nevermind I am enjoying root access and all the CM7.1 features, I can always flash Saga3D which is based off of the leaked ROM of this and also try out MIUI later....ah the beauty of being able to install lots of different ROMS :-D
  • Also can anyone who installs this please report back here whether the HBOOT version gets changed to something unrootable by the current Revolutionary tool. Thanks
  • SHIT! I didn't think of this. Unfortunately it has now changed to version 2.00.0002. I REGRET DOING THIS!
  • For future reference always do the smart thing, let someone else try first.
  • Trust me, I've learned my lesson. Let's just hope the final version of the Revolutionary tool will support this HBOOT version, or HTC add the DS to the unlock bootloader page on their website.
  • I just want to update you all: People on XDA are claiming that the new HBOOT enables you to unlock the bootloader via the HTC Dev website, so it's not all bad I suppose.
  • It's apparently been rolling out for about a month now. I bought my Desire before the "official" release date on April 2nd, SIM free. I'm still waiting myself, and I've got version 1.27 or whatever, I never never got the 1.48 update. Is there any chance of improving the likelihood of getting the update sooner or later? And if I wait to get this update officially, will it erase my data? eg. texts, contacts etc.
  • They roll out the update in batches, to prevent the server overloading. You should get it soon. Also, it won't erase anything.
  • Got the update on Tuesday 1st Nov. Its really nice. All seems to work. One bug I have found is in Friends Stream. The Linkedin no works and in fact if you have a prevents any updates from showing if you tap on the arrow top right and got to All Updates. Any update just shown in the main view from Linkedin say No Content and no avatar is displayed. Facebook works fine in the main display but also doesnt show in the all updates area unless you remove the Linkdin Account then it displays the facebook in this area. Anyone else found this bug. I did remove the Linkedin account then added it to see if that would sort it but still the same isssue