HTC One X+ spied in O2 (UK) sales flyer

The rumored HTC One X+ just got a step closer to reality, as it's has made its way into a brochure for the UK carrier O2. What we're seeing looks delightful, fir an updated 1.7GHz CPU (likely Tegra3 based), 64GB of on-device storage, HTC stellar camera, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out-of-the-box.

Here in the states we've see a version come through the FCC toting AT&T's LTE radio bands, but the rumored specs don't quite match up as we've been hearing that it is a 32GB model. There's a good chance AT&T has decided to cut the storage in half like they did with the original HTC One X, but we can still hope it's a case of bad info and we'll be seeing a 64GB version on this side of the pond. 

With enough evidence to call this one legit, it's about time for HTC to come forward and tell us what we want to hear and announce this one. New Windows phones are cool and all, but we want some Android!

Source: GSM Arena

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Well crap. This could make me want to replace my AT&T One X. First phone to make me think about that. :P
  • The One X- LOL
  • I hope a variant comes to VZW. When I opened my contract I wasn't thrilled by the HTC Droid Incredible 2
  • Next HTC phone to Verizon is the 5 incher this fall. Nothing else.
  • Yep - and it's shaping up to be a beast! Definitely adding it to my "HTC stable"
    1. Droid Incredible
    2. Thunderbolt
    3. Rezound
    4. whatever they call the 1080 5 incher.
  • And Evo 4G LTE customers are still satisfied.
  • +1 i think we're good for the actual 2 years of our contracts haha. nothing jellybean and sense 4.5 wont hold me off for the time to come.
  • This is probably the phone HTC will sell without the charger (*uninterested gasp*)
  • Looks JUST like the E4GLTE.
  • But I want a Nexus 5......
  • What's changed? It's been over 7 months since the One X and I guess I'm not really seeing anything different besides upgraded OS and CPU. Surely something else is different? Better camera? Or what?
  • I'm there with you but honestly I don't see what more they can upgrade now. Its a quadcore cpu (the update will be newer more efficient architecture) and the best screen out there. An upgrade in RAM is all I can think of but its not necessary at all.
  • There's nothing amazing about an 8 megapixel camera. This isn't 2008.
  • Devil's advocate: One of the most popular phones in the US just released has a 8MP camera.
  • There's nothing amazing about an 8 megapixel camera. This isn't 2008.
  • Is there an echo in here? You wrote the exact same thing that Gearu did. Try to be a little more original next time. You DO realize that megapixels aren't everything when talking about camera performance?
  • Pretty disappointing. HTC, I won't buy a phone without microSD expansion. Just an fyi.
  • I like the red buttons
  • Needs to have a replaceable battery and a have a 4g version otherwise pfff.
  • -1. How did HTC not upgrade the battery? What are we paying for here with this upgrade? Just a slightly better Tegra? Ooooo more storage as well... Not good enough.