HTC One Remix

We've had a couple not-so-clear looks at the so-called HTC One Remix, but this latest render clears things up a bit and adds the wrinkle of Verizon branding. Coming by way of @evleaks, this render of the HTC One Remix also comes with the explanation that this is just an HTC One Mini 2 (as we guessed). Verizon has taken advantage of the now-empty bottom bezel above the BoomSound speaker to paint its logo, of course, and aside from what's potentially under the blurred-out screen this is looking like the One Mini 2 we know.

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Details are still slim on this device of course, and it's unclear how it may change when it (hopefully) makes its way to Verizon. But given the relatively solid track record of these leaks, we could be looking at a One Mini 2 release on Verizon sooner than later. Would anyone be interested in picking up this smaller version of the One M8 if it came to Big Red?

Source: @evleaks

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