HTC Merge shows at Verizon LTE demo, but still nowhere near stores

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The myth of the HTC Merge continues! We've been slipped a video taken last week at a Verizon LTE demo that clearly shows the Merge. Yes, the same Merge that we got our grubby fingers on two and a half months ago. Yes, the same Merge you saw in our video preview. And the same Merge that has hardly seen the light of day since.

But, wait! The Merge at an LTE demonstration? Might that lend credence to the rumor that it's gone back underground for a 4G upgrade before release? It's possible. But we know that a good number Verizon peeps have been walking around with the Merge, so it's just as likely that it was making a 3G-only appearance to remind people that it still exists. We know how it feels. Thanks, anon! More on the HTC Merge in the Android Central Forums

  • ...Blackberry charging cable...
  • Reminds me of the new Evo Shift 4G that will release on Sprint in January. The hardware is very similar and it looks practically the same. I guess we now know what that little circle on the Evo Shift 4G is for near the speaker if this is the same phone. I wonder if Verizon is going to release the Merge at the same time.
  • That's a nasty little device. I don't know why there's a settings softkey. This is the first time I've noticed that. But then again, I've never really paid attention to HTC phones. Lol. It still seems really nice. Looks a lot like the Droid incredible.
  • Where did you see a settings soft key?
  • The queston is how long will verizon continue to have its ass handed to it in sales, before it releases the new phones. Come on, holding them back for what? No Phone 7 and none of the slickest android phones out, very few global sets, Big Red or Bid Dead?
  • So... LTE and if Verizon did decide to listen and De-Bing'd it. This is my next phone.
  • I hope it's de-binged (or at least gives us the option). ...Unfortunately, I can see a bing icon in the top left corner (23 sec in). ;_;
  • Ho hum another boring phone by HTC!!! They just keep repackaging the same crap over and over again!! No Thanks!!!
  • Umm... Am I missing something? How does this 50 second video demonstrate LTE exactly? I didn't see the browser in use at all during the video.
  • You can tell he wasn't supposed to do that. He rushed through all the screens. Looks good though. Also no Gingerbread I see.
  • I was pretty excited about this phone, but at this point my reaction to their new leaks is... yawn. Tired of waiting for it. Contract is up; wanted to stick with Verizon but will probably switch carriers. No decent slider in their stable.
  • Spoke with a Verizon rep on the phone today. Was asking about a deal on the Droid X. Just for fun I asked her what's the deal with the HTC Merge. To my surprise she said it's coming out in late January. She doesn't expect it to have LTE. She thinks it's being delayed because of the FM radio feature??? She said she's waiting to get it herself. So had she told me she has no idea about when it would be released I would have ordered the Droid X right then and there! Now I'll wait and check it out...
  • Why does every care if it comes with bing or not? How is that a factor in making the decision on whether or not to buy the merge? This is android if you dont like how it comes.....CHANGE IT!! As if this will be the one android smart phone that wont have custom roms made for it.. as you can see it still says in the legal section HTC and Google inc. Not htc and still is based on and around your gmail login..all the bing is just bloatware....pre loaded bing search app.....dont like it then root the phone and delete the ish off the phone with titanium. Problem solved no more simply paid a couple bucks to have there app preloaded just like amazon, blockbuster and everyone else that got their non google app released on a phone... thats like everyone saying i wont buy the droid x because it comes with the blockbuster app on it, as if that affects the funtionality of the device....i could understand if google was completely deleted from the device like some android tablets come and u had no google marketplace etc...but thats far from the case... its still completely a google phone not a bing phone...stop your whining and nitpicking. if you are like me and will only buy a phone with a pyisical keyboard, pray this device is going to be for sale soon... even if it was running DONUT i would buy it because its HTC and cyanogen or someone else will port gingerbread over to it within a couple months and then everything would be all good (just making a point on how desired physi kb devices are for a large portion of the android market) as its very slim pickins on your choices