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HTC Incredible, Droid or Nexus One, Wallpapers and ringtones, Evo 4G

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  • The release of the HTC Incredible is nearing and what a better way to kill some time before hand by visiting our new Incredible forum!
  • Moto Droid or Nexus One, that is the question - which would you choose and why?
  • Can't get enough of the HTC EVO 4G? Neither can we, visit our new EVO forum for all of the latest discussions!
  • Looking for some wallpapers, ringtones, or themes for your Android device? Stop by a dedicated forum to find exactly what you're looking for or feel free to share what you already have!

See you in the forums!

  • Looking forward to the Nexus One, check here everyday several times hoping for some new news....
  • Gotta go with the Droid. Hardware keyboard is very important to me and it's in the same ballpark as the Nexus and probably the Incredible in terms of performance. The Incredible would be my second choice because of problems with the Nexus like screens cracking and those weird reception problems.