Likely Droid Incredible successor shows up wearing Verizon branding

If you are a Verizon user who has been anxiously attempting to decide between the HTC Thunderbolt and the LG Revolution, the plot just got a bit thicker, as images have surfaced of the HTC Incredible S wearing the Verizon logo. While we did see some previously leaked information about this device heading Verizon's way, this confirmation is certainly more official, and great news for anyone who currently loves their Droid Incredible.

You will notice this device certainly looks just like the HTC Incredible S, which we went hands on with at MWC, only difference appears to be the branding. We hope to hear some more information about the release of this device in the coming weeks, and our fingers are crossed that it won't have the same stocking issues the original had. [via AndroidSPIN]

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  • lol. hey one phone at a time, lets get the tb released first then worry about this one
  • Likely Droid Incredible successor shows up wearing Verizon branding, wow you just discover that? hahaha.
  • Oh joy, ANOTHER Verizon phone that will be released BEFORE the Thubderbolt.
  • The thunderbolt was released last summer on sprint.
  • LoL.... So very true.
  • True for the most part..the thing's not even dual core. But LTE probably has much better battery life than WiMAX.
  • And last month on AT&T.
  • Can we all just agree that sometimes one phone has similar specs to another one and just leave it at that? If we really want to get in to it then why don't we also say the same thing about the myTouch 4G? Or why don't we call the Evo Shift just a G2? For that matter, the Fascinate is just a Vibrant, but on Verizon instead of T-Mobile. Did you know that the Incredible was supposed to be the Nexus One for Verizon before they changed the casing and threw on Sense? Why don't we leave the bashing of other phones to iPhone and WP7 users. I thought we were better than that as a community.
  • still a different gen of hardware even if the specs are the same.. :/
  • Those that think the Thunderbolt is the same, or even close to the Evo need your heads examined. It more closely resembles the Desire HD and even the LG Revolution than the Evo. The only.resembllense to the Evo is the size of the screen. Are you going to call every slab that has a 4.3" screen an Evo? Do us a favor and STFU! THANKS!
  • agreed, the specs are better then the evo, and the benchmarks show it. yeah it might look the same, but hell it even has a better kickstand
  • I ranted about this on the comment above yours before reading further down. I should have just kept scrolling to see the yin to his yang.
  • I'm gonna miss the optical trackball (is that what you call it?) when I finally give my my Incredible. I find myself using that little bugger all the time.
  • Sweet gpu and screen size upgrade!
  • If its the same Incredible S , the original Incredible is better looking
    I have a question : no one screemed "Fail" to this , while the leaked Droid X2 is considered a "Fail" , why ?????????
  • I love the bigger screen on this phone...I don't have to have lge but at the same time I am torn between this and the Droid bionic...I don't know what to do. It all depends on when these devices are released...I am due for an upgrade and now its just a matter of whichever one comes out first may be the one I'm getting...
  • The whole verizon lineup sucks, the only dualcore options are moto which are locked down, samsung is nothing more then a pointy galaxy s with a slightly sharper screen and 4g support, HTC phones are all stuck with Qualcomm's we are 6 months behind chips and this is nothing more then my current Inc with a little bigger screen and 4g. Where are more dual core options and NFC chips and Vanilla android choices???? I know there are alot of good phones coming out and i should be complaining but as someone who can't afford to be buying new phones all the time, if I am going to pick a phone to last the next couple years then it shouldnt be almost outdated when I get it!!
  • 1) Qualcomm holds the patent on EV-DO rev A, so they are the only ones that make the radios needed for Verizon.
    and point one is apropos because... 2) This phone is going to be EV-DO rev A, not LTE. And frankly, since I don't live in a LTE footprint, and likely won't for a few years, I'm fine with that. I don't want to pay the LTE tax (defined by me as having to pay $750 for a phone and more than I'm paying for 3G data) if I'll never take advantage of it.
  • The Bionic will be the best phone on Verizon until HTC comes out with a dual core phone. I wish it would be soon but I doubt it.
  • i love my new TB, its way faster than my incredible.
  • the problem with dual core processors and LTE and all that is its new. No one knows what kind of problems either will have, i mean just a month or two ago werent there "rumors" that the bionic was running so hot you could practically fry an egg on it? And the T Bolt has been pushed back for battery life, software issues and who knows what else. Its my humble opinion that these "first gen" technologies come with potential problems so if/when those problems occur don't whine and cry because you couldn't wait to get your hands on that lastest shiny new toy.
  • does anyone have any information on what the antenna system will be like on this? i know it won't be lte, but there was some rumour a while back that it might actually be a world-capable phone, which would REALLY be an amazing option for me. but if its just going to be stuck with the bland cdma crap that verizon can't shake...
  • my only concern for any htc device is the battery life. i know it's going to be an amazing device, but i haven't seen an htc phone with good battery life.