HTC Hero Demoed On Video, To Come in Multiple Colors ?

Unfortunately, the purported promotional video showcasing the HTC Hero has been pulled from Youtube. What we can gather is that the famed 'Rosie' GUI is the main attraction--widgets, new clocks, control bars and more all pop up more than a couple times. Also, it looks like the HTC Hero will be available in 7 different colors: black, white, teal, yellow, pink, mustard, and red. We guess HTC is hoping that the multiple color options will hide the fact that the HTC Hero is a poorly designed device.

It's interesting to know so much about a device that has yet to be officially announced. Reports have pointed to Orange UK being an exclusive carrier but honestly, we don't know other release details. As familiar and excited as we are for the HTC Hero, we highly doubt that we'll pick the Hero over forthcoming Android Phones. How about you guys?

[via androidcommunity]

Casey Chan