HTC EVO View 4G headed to Sprint on June 24th

It's finally happening, folks. After we gave you our first look, then a couple of hands-on with the Wifi version of the HTC Flyer, there's finally a solid date pegged for the 4G variant.

If a screenshot from an internal Sprint Reward Me site is accurate, the HTC EVO View 4G (that's a mouthful!) should be coming out on June 24th, same as the HTC EVO 3D. Guess ol' Sprint is lookin' for the one-two punch with their EVO launches.

Anyone excited about this? Your one-stop-shop for EVO needs, all on the 24th. Thinking about buying one? Still reluctant? Head over to the View 4G forums and talk it out.

Source: Engadget

Joshua Munoz
  • Excited about a 7" Gingerbread Tablet? What's exciting about this Tablet? It's running an OS that wasn't designed for Tablets on a screen that's too small to be useful. No thanks. Waiting for Kal-El.
  • If you're looking for a good 7" tablet with cell radio AND you love HTC sense, this is your only option. And 7" is perfect for a portable tablet, you gonna fit a 10" in your pocket? Maybe you don't care about portability, but many do. And who cares about honeycomb, it hardly improves upon the incredibly complex "see icon, click icon, app opens" method we all use. Honeycomb is overhyped and unnecessary in my book, and I owned a froyo tablet.
  • I have been looking forward to this release more than any other. Being able to use the stylus to capture electronic signatures on professional documents will be the most important feature for me. I'm not looking necessarily for the latest and greatest, just for something that will meet my needs. And with this being on the Sprint 4G network, it will meet my needs just fine.
  • meh... I think anything without Honeycomb should be banned from being call an "Android Tablet" . . . same problem with the original TAB... its just silly
  • That bezel is just ridiculous. Talk about unsleek!
  • The bezel is probably so that you can hold it in one hand without touching the screen, gives your thumb somewhere to rest.
  • It has the same bezel as 90% of tablets that are out there.
  • Looks more absurd than most tablets I've looked at lately. Maybe it's just a bad render. Either way, if that's what 90% of the tablets look like, then they're all in the same group called "ugly designs I'd never purchase."
  • I don't see what the issue is. It looks fine. But you're also ignoring the functionality issue. This is larger and heavier than a phone. Most folks can wrap their hand around a phone, cradling it in their palm. Therefore the bezel can be smaller, almost non-existant. However, with a larger device, one that can't be cradled in one hand, the bezel MUST be larger because you need some way to hold the thing without activating the touch screen. All tablet manufacturers recognize this fact. If the aesthetic bothers you, propose something better or STFU. If you can't improve the situation, you are just flinging negativity without purpose.
  • Maybe you shouldn't attach the looks of an electronic device to your self confidence and how good you feel about yourself.
  • Did you people buy the first vehicle with four wheels you came across or did you look around for something you actually like?
  • What vehicle? I live in Chicago, we have great public transportation (and no, I take the train that goes to my home, not the one that looks the prettiest)
  • I bought a car that made sense, what other reason is there to buy a car?
  • This is going to be a good Tablet for those that want to run data on Sprint's 4G network. I'm leaning more towards the HTC Flyer since I only need to run on wifi.
  • I'll be there to pickup an EVO that day, but it wont be the View!!!! EVO 3d..........
  • The plastic on the back makes this tab so cheap looking,and when you touch or tap the plastic ends you will hear the cheapness of it and start to wonder how it will stand up to wear and tear over time. I got one from Best Buy and returned it because of that reason only.
  • OK I'm trying to fit in here, see how this goes: "ZOMG were is the 4d interactive hologram and octo-core technology this duzint even have telepathy control, thi$ sux0r" How was that? Good Lord some of you people are pretentious LOL
  • If being unwilling to pay this year's money for last year's tech makes me pretentious, I'll wear the label with pride & honor.
  • you're the first pretentious person I've met who (a) admits it, and (b) enjoys paying to be a beta tester.
  • Maybe you haven't seen the devices coming out these last few months still with froyo and single cores. This is still this years tech and it works just fine. Sure we'd all love the latest/greatest, but its not required to have a great device. Next year is that year, look we're alteady in June how many "this years tech" devices are out? Until multiple devices on multiple carriers all have "next years tech" then we're still where we are. As we've all seen, there's quite a big gap between announcing devices and delivering them. Let's focus on what's delivered and not what's announced.
  • What beta testing am I doing exactly? Do you know what I own?
  • if you want tech that's newer than new, you want to be a beta tester. It's been shown that Honeycomb ain't quite out of that phase yet. We're seeing this over and over again across the board early adopter = paying to be a beta tester. You go right ahead and get the latest and greatest and pay to be a beta tester. I'd rather have a device that's been road tested.
  • Who cares how it looks, its not a woman.
  • Once Sprint gets a shared data plan for phone and tablet, I'm in....
  • Is there a better 7" tab? What is everyone's obsession with honeycomb? I played with a Xoom at the store and honeycomb was cool and all, but... it's just icing on the cake. Also, this is the only android tab with a stylus... that is something... and to some people something big.