HTC EVO 4G LTE pre-orders start May 7, $200 with contract

If you're interested in getting your very own HTC EVO 4G LTE (and we can't blame you, it looks like a hot one), you can pre-order one from Sprint on May 7. Checking in at $200 with a two-year agreement, you'll have a phone that Sprint is calling their "new gold standard", and features and specifications like a dual-core S4 CPU, NFC with Google Wallet, and a micro SDcard slot will make just about any Android enthusiast fall in love.

We're itching to get one to play with ourselves, and it looks like Sprint has another winner on their hands with the EVO 4G LTE. So, anyone going to be laying down some dollars come May 7?

Source: Sprint

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • First in line
  • Right behind you!
  • This phone really is a worthy successor to the OG Evo 4G - Well done Sprint! Now shut up and take my money!!
  • What is Sprint's history of time between Pre-order and release date?
  • All EVOs get released within first 2 weeks of June. 6th or 10th
  • True except for the EVO Shift, EVO Design, and EVO 3D.
  • lmaoo I see what you did there
  • Is it me or does $200 strike anyone else as very reasonable? I was expecting $299.99.
  • thats sprint for ya! they never break 200 unless its a world phone... always reasonable prices
  • My Epic 4G was $250 on 2yr.
  • I think that's why they upped the fee to get out of your contract, to keep phones at $199.99.
  • what banzaiwolfe said and probably since they also canceled adding the cost to your phone bill. so we customers have to pay up front, which I've been long prepared for (still using day 1 evo with a new battery, so i'm glad they decided to make this one replaceable if i decide to go with this and not the GSIII).
  • Indeed Sprint is really giving a hell of a device at a good cost. Should be interesting to see what ATT does since they will be getting the LTE device as well and they have been pricing their phones similar to VZW @ 299.99 I believe.
  • Wow this looks really good! Now I'm not so disappointed that the international One X won't work with T-Mobile, I can keep my Galaxy Nexus on GSM and upgrade my crappy EVO 3D to this. Now, when does Chicago get LTE?! :)
  • wont even have the Evo 3D a year when i hope to get this bad boy. any idea what it would be off contract? how much do you guys think i could get for my evo 3d off craigslist?
  • I am thinking the same angle. $200-$250 on Craigslist w accessories to differ a $700 off contract price.
  • Man that means the June release is probably accurate...
  • I'll probably sale some of my other phones and buy this full price. Hopefully it's $499
  • probably atleast 599
  • Damn it...was set on getting a Galaxy Nexus now this....damn it!
  • Where are the charging contacts?
  • Reasonable price but no quad core disappointed
  • What about the geebees?
  • I had a question about that, I thought all s4 processors were quad core? Is this a misprint or was I just ill informed?
  • I'm still getting the nexus. HTC's quality after the OG Evo went downhill in my opinion.
  • I thought it was pretty apparent that quad cord(Tegra 3) does nly work with LTE.
  • I wish companies would learn from Apple and have their phones ready to sell a week or 2 after announcing them. This making customers wait 2+ months for a product is terrible. You build up all this hype to announce the phone, then let it all die down, then you have to send reminders that the phone goes on sale on (insert date here). Announce the phone, take pre-orders the next day, and sell the thing a week later.
  • I RWALLY agree with this statement. Why release the phone 2 month after you announce it? I mean yes I do like to know about any and everything the manufacturers are doing, but I would much rather find out when it will actually be released
  • No quad-core because of the LTE. I would expect retail to be $499 minimum, maybe $599. Charger port is on the left side as you look at the screen, opposite the volume keys. I am already on an unofficial list at a local store. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!
  • Definitely agree.
  • Already signed up for my preorder reminder!
  • I'll definitely be making the pre-order on this one. Can't wait.
  • FINALLY a worthy successor to the OG EVO! i love my OG EVO but i'm tired of Sense and bloatware getting in the way - so i'm still getting the G-Nex.
  • Sense is the most desirable UI enhancement to vanilla ICS as per all professional reviews. Bloatware is sooo last year's stupid argument. Wanna suck Sammie WIZ with shite camera? Do it! Do we here you now... GEKKO????
  • Galaxy Nexus has no "Sammie Wiz" as you so call it.
  • Phone looks great, but i wonder what the rate plan / data plan will look like. This will be the first phone with LTE capabilities so i wonder if they will charge more for LTE or lump that in with the extran 10 bucks we already pay for smart phones.
  • IM sure it will be the same, LTE is unlimited on the everything data plan
  • My upgrade is not till Oct! Color me green with envy for those that are getting it June!
  • October? I'm envious of you. My upgrade isn't until February :(
  • This may actually bode better for you since Im sure LTE wont be rolled out 'decently' until Maybe around November. If that early
  • I'm hoping they continue offer the buyout of the remainder of your contract! My wife is due for an upgrade May 1st and I'm not until December. You think I could talk her out of her upgrade? Not a chance. :-(
  • I will likely get this on launch day, but I'm hopeful that we get to see the SGIII first. I could still be swayed...
  • I won't get this on launch, I wanna see the SGSII's successor before i make any decision, but this just got top pick.
  • YES! I'll gladly drop my coin for this device and even stand in line...hell I'll even camp out again. The release date can't come any faster!
  • This battery better last two were they thinking with no removable is this apple
  • All I can say is, with sprints horrible coverage, not having a removable battery is a mistake. Low signal is a battery killer.
  • He said "play with ourselves"... hehe ;-)
  • Can't wait to upgrade my OG EVO 4G! I'd preorder this right now if I can!!
  • Although I won't be eligible for an upgrade (evo3d owner) I'll have to pay full price for this one on release day. One thing I've learned is waiting to later date usually means a different hardware version which usually hard to root...
  • So now the question is this Evo 4G LTE or the S3 coming soon????!
    I'm digging how this phone will have 16GB internal PLUS 32GB external?? E
  • This phone looks very nice. I'm so glad more phones will have Google Wallet!!,
  • No Sprint LTE rolled out yet, so why do I need to run get this over my wimax phone again?
  • Can't wait!! But one thing for sure......I'll get this phone from day one of launch!!! ;)
  • What's the point of preordering? Also wasn't there an article stating you could buy your way out of your contract early pro rated? I'll probably do that since this phone has the guts to last awhile.
  • Well history tells us that pre-order = get it first. Demand for this phone is bound to be extremely high and if you want it on release day pre-ordering is a good way to do this. I pre ordered my EVO 3D and got it via Fed Ex on release day as they pre shipped it.