HTC device passes through FCC with Sprint frequencies, could it be the One SV?

The HTC One SV (read our review) was released on Cricket only a few days ago, but a nearly identical model of the device has just passed through the FCC sporting Sprint radio frequencies. Although there are no images of the device to completely verify, the model number of this device -- PL80110 -- is eerily close to Cricket's PL80120. The specs that are decipherable from the filing lead to a little bit of confusion, however, as the physical dimensions seem slightly different from the current SV. There's also a few documents that list the device as a "Windows Phone," while the rest simply list "Smartphone." Bit of a head scratcher there, but typos do happen.

The radio frequencies being tested on this unnamed device seem to line up with what Sprint uses for its network, and no other carriers, so we can be pretty sure that whatever this device is it's heading to Sprint. We of course won't know for sure until we hear something official from HTC or Sprint. 

Source: PhoneScoop

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • A Windows Phone on Sprint?!?! Please say it's true!
  • It's true. They announced it already but no one knows what it's called as they only say 2 Windows Phone will be offered by summer.
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  • One by HTC one by samsug
  • I'm pretty sure this is the new HTC Windows Phone for Sprint.
  • Another mid range phone for WP, great just what we need. Anybody know if Swype has been ported yet to WP yet?
  • Windows Phone knocking off an Android device? If it is not a typo the Windows crowd will never live it down...
  • Winows is knockig off androids. Its up the htc to release what devices can and have windows ... if they wanted to have each device have windows and android tey could with probaly no problems
  • Year 2012: -Promises to release less phones, building a brand while focusing on updates and quality.
    -Continues to rape Android with the use of Sense UI.
    -Ends up releasing just as many as before, completely diluting the brand that they were planning to build. Completely lags behind every update schedule.
    -Manages to hit rock bottom as far as revenue goes, marking Q4 2012 as one of their worst quarters. Well 2013, between you and me, HTC is not off to a brilliant start... And if they keep on down this path, I can definitely see a buyout in the near future.
  • I personally like Sense. It is the only version of Android I can use. I cannot stand Samsung/TouchWiz, Motorola, nor stock Vanilla Android, I simply cannot use it! I came from an iPhone with eye-candy to Android, so I need the eye-candy, & HTC Sense offers it nicely! They have even slimmed Sense down a little bit, but, it still looks very nice. I know I'm not alone in liking Sense, there are others out there that like it also. So, please don't say they "rape Android with the use of Sense UI", as that is not a true statement. The beauty of Android is that there's no wrong way to customize it. Perhaps they should sell the official UI skins & such (Sense, TouchWiz, MotoBlur, etc.) in the Market/Play Store. That way, everyone can choose what kind of UI to use without imposing. The worst things HTC is doing right now is:
    *No removable memory (SD Cards)! No body really likes having to always connect to a CPU!
    *No removable battery! Especially when you need to do a battery pull or exchange it.
    *Lack of battery size! The battery is too small & doesn't power the phone long enough. Those are things that might be killing HTC's sales instead of just Sense & releasing more phone lines than they expected.
  • Given that this phone is designed for a low off-contract price, I'd say that the Sprint frequencies mean it's likely headed for Virgin or Boost.
  • I could see this haopenig. The htc evo 3d is on virgin, and the evo design Is on boost. Bogh of those are low mtry now, so I vould see them adding a evo for the evo lovers on no contract. Then sprint will pick it up because they get all the phones they have lso. (Kyrocera rise)
  • It could also be brought in as a "Sprint-As-You-Go" phone.
  • If sprint gets it and its android it'll be named the evo mini or somethig lol. If windows t could be named anythig .. excited to see what systrm will br on it.