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Google makes another move into the enterprise services market

HP and Google have struck a deal to have the PC maker become the latest Google Apps reseller, bundling enterprise management tools along with Google's App suite on its devices. According to a report today by AllThingsD, HP will include new tools on its PC's, printers and other IT devices -- holding together the whole system with hooks into Google Apps, Google's platform for businesses to run email, documents, file sharing and more with one service. It's an interesting move considering HP's historical alignment with Microsoft on the enterprise front, and one that could drive serious traffic over to Google.

Considering HP's recent dips into partnering with Google to not only release Android but also Chrome OS hardware, with more to come, this could be a sign of something bigger between the two companies. While it doesn't like to talk about it too often, Google has continued to make changes and push Google Apps as a great platform for (especially small) businesses to use as an affordable enterprise suite.

Source: AllThingsD