How to watch Wonho Special Live: Stream the virtual concert live from anywhere

Wonho Special Live Weneedlove Hero
Wonho Special Live Weneedlove Hero (Image credit: Live X Live)

While music fans have been missing out on live concerts in-person, virtual livestream concerts have been taking over and bringing performances to viewers worldwide. This week, Wonho (formerly of the K-pop group MonstaX) will be taking the virtual stage at Live x Live for a fully produced, full-length concert performance in celebration of the release of his mini album, Love Synonym Pt.2: Right for Us.

The Wonho Special Live event is a ticketed livestream which means you'll need to buy access to watch the show. Tickets start at $19.99 and there are merch bundles to consider as well. Unlike many livestreamed events which are only aired once and no longer available to watch afterwards, Live x Live has ticket options that allow you to rewatch the performance for up to 2 months after it's aired live.

Wonho Special Live: When and where

The Wonho virtual concert begins at 11PM ET on March 27 / 12PM KST on March 28. Make sure you purchase your ticket beforehand so you're prepared to watch once the show begins.

Though the Wonho Special Live concert is available to watch worldwide, sometimes these streams are unforutunately blocked from being viewed in a few countries. If you're seeing a restriction and unable to watch the virtual concert, you can use a VPN to browse the web anonymously and unlock access to the show. There are a ton of cheap VPN services, though ExpressVPN happens to be our favorite.

How to watch Wonho Special Live from anywhere

Live x Live is available on a number of devices to allow you to watch Wonho Special Live in various ways. You can download it as an app to your iOS or Android device, on Google Chromecast or Apple TV, Samsung TVs, Roku devices, or watch via the Live x Live website.

The Wonho concert is being streamed worldwide, though if you're still having trouble accessing the stream due to a location restriction, you may need to try out a VPN service to watch the show. Luckily, there are plenty of stellar options available to choose from.

No matter where in the world you may be, a VPN is one of the easiest ways to watch Wonho live. Get in on this deal now!
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