How to watch the winter finale of Grey's Anatomy online from anywhere

Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy (Image credit: ABC)

Grey's Anatomy returned to television back in November for its 17th season on the air after the longest hiatus in the show's 15 year history. Dr. Meredith Grey and the other doctors, nurses and residents at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital will continue their fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in this week's episode titled "No Time for Despair" and we have all the details on how you can watch it online or on TV.

Instead of picking up where last season left off, season 17 of Grey's Anatomy began about a month and a half into the pandemic and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital has already been struggling with the new protocols and changes needed to deal with Covid-19.

While Dr. Grey contracted the virus earlier this season and had visions of her dead husband while laid up in a hospital bed, she'll likely survive being as she's the show's main character. However, in episode four Dr. Koracick was also infected with Covid-19 and began going stir crazy while quarantining at home.

A surge of Covid cases hit Seattle in last week's episode and this week both Grey Sloan Memorial and its rival teaching hospital Seattle Pres will see the effects. While Seattle Pres is currently overloaded, Grey Sloan Memorial is now on surge capacity protocol which means the hospital will have to expand quickly in order to take in an influx of new patients. At the same time, Owen and Amelia will have to deal with one of the most controversial surgeries of their careers.

Whether you're a long time fan of the show or just want to see how the staff at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital dealt with the pandemic, we'll show you how to watch the latest episode from season 17 of Grey's Anatomy from anywhere in the world.

Grey's Anatomy Season 17 - When and where?

New episodes from season 17 of Grey's Anatomy will air every Thursday at 9pm ET/PT on ABC. The sixth episode this season titled "No Time for Despair" will premiere on Thursday, December 17.

How to watch Grey's Anatomy from anywhere

We have all the details on how you can watch Grey's Anatomy in the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia further down in this guide. However, if you want to watch the latest season of the show when you're away from home, then you'll likely run into problems as your domestic coverage online from abroad will be geo-blocked.

That's where one of the best VPNs (Virtual Private Network) can really come in handy. They allow you to virtually change the IP address of your laptop, tablet or mobile to one that's back in your home country which will let you watch as if you were back there.

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How to watch Grey's Anatomy in the U. S.

If you live in the US and have cable, you'll be able to watch new episodes of Grey's Anatomy every Thursday at 9pm ET/PT on ABC. You can also watch the show online on ABC's website but you will need to login with the credentials from your cable provider to do so and new episodes will be made available the day after they air on TV.

Don't want to sign up for an expensive cable TV package just to watch the latest season of Grey's Anatomy? Don't worry as there are now a number of streaming services, all at different price points, which will give you access to ABC so you can watch the show online. We've listed a few of our favorites below to make things easier for you.

  • Hulu with Live TV - $54.99 per month - As well as giving you access to ABC, the service also includes its own Hulu Originals and supports a wide variety of streaming devices.
  • YouTube TV - $65 per month - YouTube TV gives you access to ABC as well as over 70 other TV channels and a free 7-day trial is available.
  • AT&T TV Now - $65 per month - AT&T TV Now may be more expensive than the competition but in addition to ABC you also get access to HBO with your plan. The service allows you to watch over 45 live TV channels and you can also record up to 20 hours of content using its cloud DVR.
  • FuboTV - starting at $54.99 per month. FuboTV gives you access to ABC as well as over 80 other channels. The service also includes a 7-day free trial so you can test it out for yourself.

Live stream Grey's Anatomy in Canada for free

Canadian fans of Grey's Anatomy will be able to watch new episodes of the show on CTV every Thursday at 9pm ET/PT. You can also stream episodes of Grey's Anatomy after they air on CTV's online platform for free if you're currently in Canada.

Get a Grey's Anatomy live stream in the UK

Unfortunately for UK viewers, Sky Witness just aired season 16 of Grey's Anatomy back in April so you'll likely have to wait for season 17 of the show to finish airing in the US before it comes to the UK. In the meantime though, you can always grab a VPN and follow the steps listed above to watch the latest season of Grey's Anatomy early in the UK.

Watch Grey's Anatomy in Australia for free

As is the case in the UK, Australia is also a bit behind when it comes to the latest season of Grey's Anatomy. 7plus recently finished airing season 16 of the show, so the network likely won't show the latest season of Grey's Anatomy until it finishes airing in the US. While you won't be able to watch season 17 of the show right now, you can watch past episodes from seasons 16 and 15 on 7plus's website for free right now. If you just can't wait to watch the latest episodes of Grey's Anatomy, you can always grab a VPN and follow the steps listed above to watch season 17 early in Australia.

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