How to watch Singletown: Stream the new reality dating show from anywhere

Singletown Hbo Max Hero
Singletown Hbo Max Hero

If you can't get enough of shows like Love Island and Love is Blind, the new series Singletown on HBO Max is a must-see. The show takes five long-term couples who have recently split and are considering seeing other people, putting them into one apartment building where they'll all live together, go out on new dates with new people, and then return back to their exes at the end of the day to discuss whether they should get back together or continue searching for new love instead.

Singletown: When & where

The first season of Singletown is now available to watch on HBO Max. That means you can stream all 15 episodes today or watch them one by one over the next few weeks on any device which can access HBO Max, including on Android and iOS devices, on your computer, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles, Samsung smart TVs and Android TVs, and more.

How to watch Singletown from anywhere

If you're in the U.S., signing up for HBO Max will give you access to stream the first season of Singletown right now. However, those who aren't in the U.S. currently might have a bit more trouble watching the show where they're located. Luckily, using a VPN makes it simple to change your location virtually, and gives you instant access to services like HBO Max. They're perfect for when you're traveling out of the country but still want to use the streaming services you're paying for.

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No matter where in the world you may be, a VPN is one of the easiest ways to watch Singletown on HBO. Get in on this deal now!

Stream Singletown in the U.S.

Those in the U.S. will have the easiest time streaming the show. HBO Max has the entire first season of Singletown available to stream right now, which means all you need to do is start a free trial and sign in to start watching. HBO Max currently offers a free 7-day trial after which the service costs $14.99 per month. You can sign up via Hulu as well, or sign up for HBO via Amazon Prime Video Channels.

Once you're an HBO Max member, you'll be able to stream a variety of HBO Max's content on tons of devices, including iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, Samsung and Android smart TVs, PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles, Apple TV, Chromecast, and of course via the HBO Max website on your computer.

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Start a free 7-day trial at HBO Max to stream Singletown, along with a wide selection of films and TV shows, from the Harry Potter series and DC films to legacy HBO shows like True Blood and The Wire.

Alternatively, you can sign up for HBO Max through Hulu if you have an account there. You would be able to watch some HBO content on Hulu as well as gain access to sign into the HBO Max app whenever you want. It's the same $14.99 per month cost, added on top of the price of the Hulu plan you're subscribed to currently.

Hulu HBO Max

Hulu with HBO Max

Sign up for HBO Max at Hulu for the usual $14.99/month cost so you'll be able to watch HBO content through your Hulu account! You'll also be able to sign into HBO Max apps with your membership.

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