The Queen of Tejano music Selena Quintanilla will have her life showcased in Netflix's new original show Selena: The Series and we have all the details on how you can watch it online or on TV.

It's been 25 years since Selena was tragically murdered by the founder of her own fan club and now Netflix will introduce a new generation to the singer who forever changed the Tex-Mex music scene. The new original series, starring Christian Serratos, will follow Selena's rise from a local Texas singer-songwriter performing at small gigs to becoming the most successful female Latin artist of all time.

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Selena began her singing career at the early age of 10 when she performed in her family's band Selena y Los Dinos with her brother A.B. Quintanilla and her sister Suzette Quintanilla. Selena's father Abraham saw his daughter's potential early on and decided to take the band on the road in a refurbished old bus named "Big Bertha" to support the family. It was an uphill battle for Selena y Los Dinos though, as Selena was refused bookings at venues across Texas for performing Tejano music which was a male-dominated genre at the time.

Selena's popularity grew tremendously in 1987 when she was awarded the Tejano Music Award for Female Vocalist of The Year. In fact, she went on to win the same award nine consecutive times in her short career. Selena released her self-titled debut album in 1989 but it was her second album, Entre a Mi Mundo, that won Best Mexican/American Album at the 1994 Grammy Awards. That same year, Selena released Amor Prohibido which became one of the best-selling Latin albums in the US and helped her become one of the most influential crossover artists ever.

Whether you're a fan of Como La Flor, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom or just want to learn more about the life of this iconic American singer-songwriter, we'll show you how to watch Selena: The Series from anywhere in the world.

Selena: The Series - When and where?

Selena: The Series will be available to stream on Netflix beginning on Friday, December 4. Part one of the new series will feature nine 40-minute episodes and since it's a Netflix Original, you'll be able to watch it in every country where the streaming service is currently available.

Watch Selena: The Series online from anywhere

We have all the details on how you can watch Selena in the U.S., Canada and the UK further down in this guide. However, if you want to watch the new series when you're away from home, then you'll run into problems as your domestic coverage online from abroad will likely be geo-blocked.

That's where a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can really come in handy. They allow you to virtually change the IP address of your laptop, tablet or mobile to one that's back in your home country which will let you watch as if you were back there.

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How to watch Selena: The Series in the U. S.

If you live in the US and have a Netflix subscription, you'll be able to watch all nine episodes of part one of Selena: The Series on Friday, December 4.

If you're not yet a subscriber though, you'll have to sign up to do so but thankfully the service gives you a great deal of content to watch for the price with new movies and shows arriving every month.

Netflix's Basic plan costs just $8.99 per month but you can only watch on one screen at a time and you won't be able to watch TV shows or movies in HD. The service's Standard plan costs $13.99 per month but it allows you to watch HD content on two screens simultaneously. If you have multiple TVs in your house or a big family, then Netflix's Premium plan for $17.99 may be for you as you can watch on four screens simultaneously and you have the option to watch content in 4K. It's also worth noting that Netflix does offer a 30 day free trial if you want to test it out for yourself to see what Selena: The Series is all about.

Get a Selena: The Series livestream in Canada

Canadian Netflix subscribers will also be able to watch part one of Selena: The Series on Friday, December 4. If you're not a subscriber though, the Basic plan costs $9.99 per month, the Standard plan costs $14.99 per month and the Premium plan costs $18.99 per month. Although the prices are a bit different, the same limitations and features still apply. Basic won't allow you to watch HD content while Standard will and Premium is the only plan that will let you watch Selena: The Series in 4K. A 30 day free trial to Netflix is also available in Canada.

Watch Selena: The Series in the UK

If you live in the UK and want to watch Selena: The Series, then Netflix is still your only option to do so on Friday, December 4. Once again regional subscription prices are a bit different but the features and limitations remain the same. In the UK, the Basic plan costs £5.99 per month, the Standard plan costs £8.99 per month and the Premium plan costs £11.99 per month.

Stream Selena: The Series in Australia

As is the case in the U.S., Canada and the UK, Selena: The Series will release on Friday, December 4 on Netflix in Australia. If you're already a subscriber, then you're good to go but if you haven't signed up for Netflix yet here are all the details you need to know. The features and limitations are the same in Australia but the prices are higher. The service's Basic plan costs AUD $10.99 per month, the Standard plan costs AUD $15.99 per month and the Premium plan costs AUD $19.99 per month.

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