How to watch season 3 of You online from anywhere

You Season Three Netflix
You Season Three Netflix (Image credit: Netflix)

Despite moving to the suburbs with his wife Love and their newborn son Henry, Joe just can't seem to give up his old ways and we have all the details on how you can watch new episodes of You online.

You tells the story of Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) who works as a bookstore manager in New York. After meeting aspiring writer Guinevere Beck in season one of the show, Joe becomes infatuated with her and begins obsessing over her social media and using technology to track her in an attempt to start a relationship.

After his relationship with Beck falls apart, Joe moves to Los Angeles in an attempt to escape his past and start over under the name Will Bettelheim. Once again, he works at a bookstore and becomes transfixed with another woman. After meeting chef Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), Joe falls into his old patterns of obsession and violence. This time around though, Joe is determined to make his relationship with Love work no matter the cost.

Following the events of season two of You, Joe and Love are now married and are raising their newborn son Henry in the Californian suburb of Madre Linda. However, he finds it difficult to adjust to suburban life and takes an interest in the next door neighbor Natalie. Stalking and following Natalie won't be easy though as Madre Linda is a tight-knit community with an abundance of cameras surveilling Joe's every move.

Will Joe be able to put his obsessive nature and murderous past behind him for the sake of his son or could Natalie be his next You? Regardless of what happens this time around, Netflix has already announced that there will be a fourth season to the excitement of the show's avid fans.

Whether you started watching the show back in 2018 when it first premiered on Lifetime or found out about it after it became a Netflix Original, we'll show you exactly how to watch new episodes of You from anywhere in the world.

You season 3 - When and where?

Season 3 of the psychological thriller You will premiere on Friday, October 15 on Netflix. As was the case with the past two seasons of the show, there will be a total of ten episodes in season 3 of You.

How to watch season 3 of You in the U.S.

If you live in the U.S. and have an active Netflix subscription, you'll be able to watch new episodes You on Friday, October 15. However, if you haven't subscribed to Netflix yet, the service gives you a great deal of content to watch for the price with new movies and shows arriving every month.

Netflix's Basic plan costs just $8.99 per month but you can only watch on one screen at a time and you won't be able to watch TV shows or movies in HD. The service's Standard plan costs $13.99 per month but it allows you to watch HD content on two screens simultaneously. If you have multiple TVs in your house or a big family, then Netflix's Premium plan for $17.99 may be for you as you can watch on four screens simultaneously and you have the option to watch content in 4K. It's also worth noting that Netflix does offer a 30 day free trial if you want to test it out for yourself to see what You is all about.

Get a You season 3 live stream in Canada, the UK and Australia

As You is a Netflix Original, new episodes from season 3 of the show will be available to watch in Canada, the UK and Australia on the same day as they release in the U.S., Friday, October 15.

It's worth noting that the streaming service's prices are somewhat different from country to country. In Canada, Netflix's Basic plan costs $9.99 per month, the Standard plan costs $14.99 per month and the Premium plan costs $18.99 per month. In the UK, the Basic plan costs £5.99 per month, the Standard plan costs £8.99 per month and the Premium plan costs £11.99 per month. Finally, in Australia, the service's Basic plan costs AUD $10.99 per month, the Standard plan costs AUD $15.99 per month and the Premium plan costs AUD $19.99 per month.

Watch new episodes of You from anywhere

We have all the details on how you can watch You in the U.S., Canada, the UK and Australia further up in this guide. However, if you want to see new episodes of Netflix's popular psychological thriller when you're away from home, then you'll run into problems as your domestic coverage online from abroad will likely be geo-blocked.

That's where a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can really come in handy. They allow you to virtually change the IP address of your laptop, tablet or mobile to one that's back in your home country which will let you watch as if you were back there.

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No matter where in the world you may be, a VPN is one of the easiest ways to watch You. Get in on this deal now!
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