How to use Apple's FaceTime on an Android phone

How To Use Facetime On Android Hero
How To Use Facetime On Android Hero (Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

Let's face it, living in the Android world is fantastic. Android users have many options when choosing the devices and software customizations that truly make our devices personal and unique. We often get these features years before other platforms do, if they ever do at all. However, one area that has been a pain point has been messaging and video chatting with our Apple-loving friends. Even though there are loads of good alternative apps, these folks still tend to prefer using iMessage and FaceTime. Well, the good news is, we won't be left off of those FaceTime calls any longer. So let's jump in and learn how to use FaceTime on an Android phone.

How to use FaceTime on an Android phone

How To Use Facetime On Android Hero

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

Now, this option is relatively new, having been released by Apple with its iOS 15 update in the fall of 2021, but it works on any of the best Android phones, budget devices, and even Windows PCs. Your Apple friends will have to initiate a video call, but your part as the recipient is pretty easy.

  1. Tap on the FaceTime link to join the call.
  2. Type in your name (or a fun nickname).
  3. Tap Continue.
  4. Grant any necessary permissions to use your device's microphone and/or camera.Source: Android Central

  1. Tap Join.
  2. Wait for the person who sent the invitation to let you in on the call.
  3. Enjoy your video call.
  4. Tap Leave when you're ready to hang up.Source: Android Central

That's all there is to it, really — you just accept the link and join the call.

While you're on the call, you will have access to onscreen controls for things like muting and unmuting your phone's microphone, turning your camera on and off, using full-screen mode, or switching from your selfie cam to the front-facing camera. You can even turn on grid layout to see all the participants at once, much like on other video chatting services like Zoom or Google Meet.

When we first asked our readers if they were excited about the idea of FaceTime coming to Android, we received a rather tepid response. Granted, this implementation isn't quite the same as having a dedicated FaceTime app for Android, it's a good workaround for now. The more we can bring Android and iOS fans and friends together, the better off we all are!

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  • If Apple wasn't so stupid and closed minded it would provide Android users an app so we can initiate a call. Otherwise most people are just going to stay clear of Apple's eco system and just continue using Teams, Zoom or Duo for our cross platform calls.
  • releasing facetime for android would give users one less reason to get an iphone over an android, so that's not going to happen. app is free, apple would actually lose money from releasing it due to development time
  • Love is doing things that trap you in a relationship making it impossible to leave. No wait, that's kidnapping and illegal. "But I'm happy in this relationship! I can leave whenever I want." Then why do they need to lock you into it?
  • Hard pass. I'll continue to use Duo for personal and Teams for business.
  • I'm not interested in Face Time. App or no app. Too many good alternatives. I have no problems communicating with my friends.
  • If Apple hadn't been so stupid in the beginning of FaceTime, and allowed Android and Windows PC's to have the app, the only video service used today would be FaceTime. They would have cornered the market. Duo, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.... Would never have come into existence and gotten a foothold into the market. Apple's market cap would be $1 trillion higher right now as a result.
    But Apple's idiotic walled garden has kept them years behind the competition in just about everything.
  • Remember Skype? Yeah, that strategy didn't work out so well.
  • Lol no it would not be higher seeing as how they wouldn't be making $$ off of facetime. Also it would have given them 1 less item to lock users into their ecosystem. 
  • I believe it would have made several iPhone users like my son, switch to Android. My son reluctantly got an iPhone because most of his college friends had one and he had to use Facetime and iMessages .. or be left out. He managed to do without an iPhone for sometime by sticking an iPod Touch to the backside of his Android phone but it was becoming impractical. If Facetime and iMesaages was open, iPhone would see a big drop in sales.
  • No one who owns an Android phone is going to do this, unless they only family member who's got Android I suppose. There are a tonne of great cross platform video services. This is only for the North American market anyway. Apple users use WhatsApp too internationally.
  • No thanks. There are plenty of better alternatives that are cross platform. Those "Apple loving" people can download one of those apps that work for everyone. My god. I don't care about iMessage or FaceTime. Not will I use those apps the day they come to Android. Again, no thank you.
  • My family consists of Apple and Android users and we all use WhatsApp for video calling except me who prefers voice calling.
  • Maybe 5 years ago, this would have raised some eyebrows. This is a tepid solution .. too little, too late. Unless both parties have the same capabilities, it's pointless. Just use WhatsApp
  • "When we first asked our readers if they were excited about the idea of FaceTime coming to Android, we received a rather tepid response." Apple likely did this same research before building a solution and likely came to the same conclusion. This is likely why it's a Text link instead of an actual app you can download to Android devices. They wouldn't ever include all the features, so it would be excoriated in the reviews. No app = no play store marketing thorn blemishing their carefully crafted image.
  • That's an interesting take that I hadn't heard of or considered, but I'm sure that played at least a small part in the decision!
  • Wouldn't say this is a perfect solution, but it is a perfectly adequate solution for a problem that isn't devastating people. There are absolutely other (not necessarily better) video chat apps. That's not the point. If you have 10 people that need to get together on a video call, and 7 of them are iPhone users, you can be pretty sure all of them are comfortable with FaceTime. It's there by default. Some of the 10 will be comfortable with and have installed WhatsApp, or Zoom, or Skype, or TEAMS, but now you have to figured out which is the most popular, and get everyone else to install that. You'll get just as much pushback. Just send a FaceTime link to the Android participants and they open it in Chrome. You know they have Chrome.
    For those that say Apple should just make an Android FaceTime app, guarantee the majority of Android users wouldn't install it, and you are still right here. Maybe the EU should mandate just one video chat option.
  • Ha! I also agree that fear of legislation might have motivated this move.