How to use the alert slider in OxygenOS on the OnePlus 6

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OnePlus has a knack for leaving the best parts of Android alone while adding small conveniences here and there, and that's not just true of its software. Ever since the OnePlus 2, a small alert slider has resided above the volume buttons on every OnePlus device, and it's easily become one of the company's most unique and useful features.

Similar to the iPhone's hardware switch, OnePlus's alert slider allows the user to quickly jump between different call profiles. There are three positions for the slider, and each can be customized to your liking.

Note: This feature is available on all OnePlus devices, starting with the OnePlus 2.

Why would you want to use the alert slider?

By default, the three positions from top to bottom represent the Silent, Vibration, and Ring profiles, but the alert slider isn't just great for changing the behavior of your notifications.

I use the alert slider all the time (seriously, dozens of times a day) to adjust my media volume. Save for Silent, which always defaults to muting media, each audio profile remembers your most recent volume setting for media, making it incredibly easy to quickly jump from max volume to something more fitting for a quiet room.

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How to configure the alert slider

It's easy to fine-tune each position of the alert slider in the settings.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Alert slider.
  3. Tap one of the three call profiles to adjust its settings.

How to use the alert slider in OxygenOS on the OnePlus 6

The settings for each mode is pretty straightforward — just a couple of switches for you to toggle vibration and media volume on or off.

That's it! Once you start using the alert slider throughout your day, you'll wonder why it isn't a standard feature on every Android device.

Questions? Comments?

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Updated June 2018: This article was rewritten to reflect changes to OxygenOS on the OnePlus 6.

Hayato was a product reviewer and video editor for Android Central.

  • The biggest problem I have is that I can't set the do not disturb or the ring to vibrate only. I don't like my phone to actually ring and to use it as a quick media volume slider would be very beneficial, is there any way to set the do not disturb to vibrate on calls?
  • You can't. Which is incredibly stupid.
  • I'm thinking of buying the OnePlus 5T (to switch from Nexus 4).
    The way I have set up Do not Disturb is to switch the phone to Priority mode at night and then switch back to normal mode in the morning. Can this be done on the OnePlus, or would I have to switch the alert slider every night.
    I know that this automation would mean that the alert slider would be out of sync with the active DND mode, but I don't mind that.
  • You can't set automated time-frames for do not disturb. That option does not exist in the configuration.
    I have a OnePlus 5 and that's my biggest drawback.
    The upside, I use do not disturb 24/7 :)
  • They've had this feature request for quite a while; there's a massive post on their board over it, but sadly they haven't done anything with it. This is one of the very few reasons to jump over to Lineage from OxygenOS.
  • The button would be handy if you could use it to completely silence the phone. You can't. Alarms will always ring. So I think it's useless. They should either allow you to completely customize the button, or just use the default Android dnd.
  • The alert slider is stupid and pointless. No other manufacturer puts one on their phones and there is a reason for that. I've never owned a OnePlus before, but I'm sure they're useless.
    ....then I got the OnePlus 6. I LOVE the alert slider! It's amazing. I use it constantly. I never realized how something so simple would change how I interact with my phone. But being able to change the ring mode without even taking my phone out of my pocket is incredibly useful. I can't even fully explain why it's so great, it just is. Oh, and it feels incredibly well built, like it can be used hundreds of thousands of times.
  • I use it very rarely on my 5T but always without exception forget to switch it back, and spend hours wondering why I'm so unpopular...