How to turn off 'Briefing' on the Galaxy Note 4

Call it by its previous name "My Magazine" or call it "Briefing" — either way some people may not want to use the Flipboard-powered newsreader baked into the Galaxy Note 4's launcher. It just takes a couple steps to turn Briefing off, though, getting you back to a cleaner homescreen setup in no time.

To turn off Briefing, long press the Recents button or a blank spot on your homescreen to pull up the launcher edit buttons. Tap "Home screen settings" on the right side and you'll see an extremely simple settings area with just a couple options. One of the options is Flipboard Briefing — just uncheck this box and you now have a more traditional homescreen setup without the newsreader on the left edge.

Hit the home button and you can now add an additional homescreen page where Briefing was, or just leave it as-is for a cleaner look.

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Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Hopefully... GapGate, The White Banding and the overheating issues all get resolved...
    This is really a fine pocket PC.
  • Haha "gapgate" the whole thing is so melodramatic! Have you seen how thick a business card is? People have been complaining for years about plastic Samsung devices, they finally get some metal and they start complaining about the material tolerances that need to be taken into account! "Where is my cake?" You ate it. "Awww... I wanted to save it!" Posted via Android Central App
  • I have literally, none of these issues with my note 4. But, good luck with all that. Posted via the Android Central App
  • GapGate? .... non issue just try it for yourself.. doesn't affect anything.. I honestly cant even see what people are talking about...
    White Banding? .. No idea what your talking about.. Yes i googled it.. Nothing on it unless it goes by a different name.
    Overheating?.... Nothing different than any other smartphone. If anything it puts out way less heat then my outgoing S3.
  • Gap gate, brought to you by the same idiots that brought you bendgate. Made up issue is made up White banding? what are you talking about?If you are talking about the white on the metal, that is for the antenna, kinda intentional and necessary. If it is something else, please provide a link. Overheating? There is none. If you play graphics intensive games, every phone reacts the same way. Will, you are better than this crap. Show some links or GTFO with this stuff
  • " / s " Nex ???
    I finally was able to pick one up just a couple of hours ago.. My Area's T-Mobile stores sellout within hours of receiving shipments.. My rep was pretty cool and we were discussing "Gapgate" so I decided to let him open up the box on the spot so we could check the workmanship of this particular device.. glad to say, all was PERFECT as far as assembly of my Note 4 is concerned.. :-)
    Erica Griffin's review was the one I believed mention the white banding.. I believe she said she had it on her Note 3 as well and had to replace it.. 2,700 MHz of Horsepower is ALWAYS going to generate heat when all cores come online..
    It's been a while since I've " 1st Posted " and worked a few people up.. thought I would have some fun !
    So far I love my Note 4.
  • When you mentioned gapgate I had to go look it up because none of the reviews really mentioned it at all. Then I saw it was from the bend gate guys and was like WTF? Hell it is even in the manual what it is and what the repercussions (none) are. I had to go look for that chick and her review. She says that it is pretty common. I call BS. I have had a ton of phones over the last few years and maybe I am just lucky but I have never had that issue at all. Never seen it, never heard of it. I am gonna chalk that up to her "too sensitive eyes" or maybe she has really bad luck. There is a big difference between "generating heat" and "overheating". one is acceptable one isn't. So the point was to troll on the first post huh? Well well played sir, well played :-)
  • No stores are "Selling out" of "Note 4 shipments". /eyeroll. Really?
  • Got to add the obligatory, "install Nova Launcher" comment. Although I do appreciate all the walkthroughs you've been doing. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This phone seems to have proven wildly popular. Impossible to find it anywhere to buy outright in England. 24 month contracts only n5
  • Bought mine on samsung e-store Posted via Android Central App
  • Tried that, every time I tried to checkout it said my basket was empty. n5
  • Note 4 selling more than the Note 3 did in US and European markets.... And for a good reason: Its the best Android phone currently on the market.
  • Except it's not a phone. It's a whale, just like the Nexus 6.
  • I am loving my white Note 4 on Verizon, with unlimited data. The S5 had a short life for me. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ditch the touchwiz launcher all together.... I have the note 4, and it's a beast. But let's face it, samsung's launchers just suck. Nova, apex, and google launchers run circles around TW's launcher
  • That's an opinion, not a fact. I have no problem with TouchWiz on the note. The phone is great just the way it comes in the box
  • I feel if they could add all the features(Mult-Window, U. Power Saver, etc) but keep it as close to stock appearance and performance as possible, it would be a great phone. I agree with Touchwiz needing to go. Never have I seen a worse skin for Android.
  • This should be the 1st thing you do when you get a note 4. The daily briefing is rubbish and laggy. Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)
  • Flipboard briefing always sounds some thing annoying, don't know why Samsung put this by default, well if you still didn't get on how to turn off briefing here is a guide with pictures, hope this gonna help you,
  • Yes yes yes yes yes yes. Thank you thank you thank you thank you Posted via the Android Central App
  • Thanks...New to this & didn't like Briefing, but didn't know how to get rid of it. I'd rather choose my own news sources. Only had my Note 4 for a few days. Was waiting for it & only pd. $100 @ a Verizon reseller w/ trade-in promo & eligable upgrade - happened to walk in when they had just gotten the 1st shipment of 4. Just customizing, adding apps, etc. A LOT to learn. Had an android a while ago, but never really utilized it to its fullest, then tried Windows (love/hate relationship) . There are some things I don't like so far, but I'm assuming I can customize to my liking. Will be reading a lot on here. Otherwise, this thing is pretty bada#%.