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It's only the third UFC match of 2020, but UFC 248 is shaping up to be great night of fighting. The headlining fight will see Adesanaya vs. Romero along with Weili vs. Jędrzejczyk. It's anyone's guess who's going to come out on top — all we can say is that this is a fight you do not want to miss.

And with the ESPN+ app and a Roku device, you don't need to miss it. Here's how you can watch the UFC 248 PPV event on your Roku.


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Stream on your Roku

Both of these fights are matches you surely won't want to miss. With your Roku streaming device and ESPN+, you can watch it with ease.

How to watch UFC 248 through ESPN+ on Roku

  1. Press the home button on your Roku remote to access the Channel Store.
  2. Select and install ESPN. You can also install it remotely through the Roku website.
  3. Sign up for an ESPN+ subscription. You can choose either monthly or annually, and do so either entirely from within your Roku app or on ESPN's website.
  4. Purchase the right to watch UFC 247.

How much does the UFC 248 pay-per-view cost?

The UFC 247 PPV costs $49.99. You can also purchase UFC 247 and a year of ESPN+ at a discounted cost of $84.98 if you're a new subscriber and sign up for an annual account. Monthly subscribers can also gain access to this deal by signing up for an annual account.

How to watch UFC 248 outside the U.S.

Given that ESPN+ region locks its content, you might think there's no way to watch UFC PPV on your Roku if you're outside the U.S. You'd be wrong. You just need two things: a VPN, and a VPN-capable router.

This allows you to trick applications on your network into thinking your devices are logged in from a specific geographic location. That, in turn, allows you access to content that would ordinarily be region-locked. We've included our recommendation for a router and VPN below.

VPN for UFC 247

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Don't get left in the dark by region locking

As one of the best VPNs on the market, ExpressVPN is a great way to defeat unnecessary region locking. Powerful and intuitive with multiple pricing plans, it's also fully-compatible with most VPN-capable routers.

VPN Router for UFC 248

Linksys AC3200

Linksys WRT AC3200

Recommended by ExpressVPN

Linksys is a big name in home networking hardware with good reason, and the WRT AC 3200 certainly holds up this reputation. It allows you to quickly and easily get your devices online with access to region-locked content anywhere in the world.

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