How to take a screenshot with the ASUS ZenFone 2

There are three ways to take a screenshot on the ASUS ZenFone 2. One of them is the standard Android method of pressing power and volume down, like every other Android phone running Jellybean or higher. We all know that drill.

But when you put buttons on the back of the phone (and they are awesome when they are back there) doing it that way sucks. LG knows this, and so does ASUS. When you give us the glorious back-mounted buttons, you've gotta give us a better way to capture our screen.

Do it from the quick-settings panel

ASUS ZenFone 2 taking screenshots

If you're going to have quick-settings in your notification panel, you might as well put all the good stuff in there. That's just what ASUS has done, and a single-tap button to grab the screen is included.

Pull down your quick-settings, and tap the edit button on the very top — it's the one that looks like a pencil and notepad. Scroll through the tools list and find the "Screenshot" icon, and check the box beside it to include it in your quick settings. Now, whenever you want to capture your screen, just pull down the quick-settings and tap the button.

You can only have four tools showing at once, so you might have to disable one of the others. If you can't bear to disable any of them, have no fear. ASUS has one other simple way to grab the screen.

Use the recent apps key

ASUS ZenFone 2 taking screenshots

ASUS has included a setting that lets you long-press the recent apps key to grab a screenshot. All you need to do is enable it.

Open your device settings page, and scroll down to "ASUS customized settings." At the top, tap the recent apps key setting. A pop up will appear, and you can choose "Tap and hold to capture screen."

With that selected, you can grab a screenshot by simply pressing and holding the recent apps key.

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Really impressed with this phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm really intrigued by the dual-SIMs, I'd love to have a Cricket and T-Mobile SIM and switch between the two without needing two phones, if only this phone supported more bands.
  • EDGE/GPRS/GSM : (WW version)
    EDGE GPRS GSM : (TH version)
    900MHz/1800MHz, Class
    3G : WCDMA :(WW version)
    WCDMA :(TH version)
    TD-SCDMA: (CN/IN version Only)
    1900 ~ 2100
    4G :
    FDD-LTE: (TW version)
    2100MHz(1)/1900MHz(2)/1800MHz(3)/1700MHz AWS(4)/850MHz(5)/900MHz(8)/1800MHz(9)/800MHz(18)/850MHz(19)/700MHz(28)
    FDD-LTE: (WW version)
    2100MHz(1)/1900MHz(2)/1800MHz(3)/1700MHz AWS(4)/850MHz(5)/2600MHz(7)/900MHz(8)/800MHz(20)
    FDD-LTE: (US version)
    2100MHz(1)/1900MHz(2)/1800MHz(3)/1700MHz AWS(4)/850MHz(5)/2600MHz(7)/900MHz(8)/700MHz(17)/800MHz(20)
    FDD-LTE: (TH version)
    2100MHz(1)/1800MHz(3)/1700MHz AWS(4)/2600MHz(7)/900MHz(8)/800MHz(20)
    FDD-LTE: (CN version)
    TDD-LTE: (CN/IN version)
    ASUS phone 4G/LTE band compatibility varies by region. Please check compatibility with local carriers If intending to use your ASUS phone outside the original purchase region.
    SIM1 Support2G/3G/4G 
    SIM2 Support2G
    Dual SIM Dual Active What other band do you need? Posted via the Android Central App
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  • "Easily" done with root and a script to grab the framebuffer, + something like tasker. But long pressing the recent apps button is pretty easy, too :P
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  • I use the Recent Apps key method and it rocks. One of those things that you'll miss if you don't have it in future devices.
  • It definitely does, especially when playing games like hearthstone and such.
  • Yep using the power/volume down key cause I am used to it. Even though the volume down is rear mounted, the top power button makes it easy. Posted via my Galaxy S6!
  • Other way to do is with zen motion there is a option to take a screenshot by double twist of the phone
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  • Jeez how much are you getting paid for these posts by manufacturers?
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  • It's a great phone. The Recent Apps key to take screenshot is impressive. But usually I need to add marks on the screenshot, so, to get a screenshot app like this one is a better choice for me.