Getting your children ready for bed has been a problem that parents have been trying to solve for ages. Whether it be yelling at them or posting a paper schedule, some parents need a bit of an assist when it comes to bedtime. Amazon has a solution for those bedtime troubles with Alexa Routines. Compatible with the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, and Echo Plus, Routines makes not only controlling your smart home easy but also gets your children reacquainted with the school week wake-up and bedtime schedule. Here's a quick guide showing you how it all works.

What you'll need:

Setting up your first Routine (Bedtime):

  1. Open the Alexa App on your iOS or Android Device.
  2. Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of your screen and select Routines.
  3. Tap the + icon to create your first routine.

  4. Tap the + icon next to "When this happens" to select a trigger phrase or action.
  5. Select Voice.
  6. Type in your voice command. For this instance, type "It's bedtime" and tap Save.
  7. Tap the + icon next to "Add Action" to enter the actions that will happen once you say your trigger phrase.
  8. Select Messaging.
  9. Select Send Announcement and type in a message that you want Alexa to announce and tap Next.
  10. Select the device that you want the announcement to be made from.
  11. Confirm that the announcement will be made by tapping Add.
  12. Repeat the process with any additional devices or settings you want to include in the routine.
  13. When you're finished creating your routine, select Save to enable the routine and get ready to simplify bedtime.

You can do this for any type of routine your imagination can come up with. You can even have Alexa read a story to your young children to help get them to sleep when you can't be in the room.

Our top equipment picks

If you're going to create some Alexa routines, you're going to need an Alexa product!

Our pick

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

Routines revolve around this speaker

The Amazon Echo is loud enough to make sure you and your little ones hear when it's time to get ready to wind down or rev up for the day, and is an affordable option for anyone.

At $75, the Amazon Echo is the perfect centerpiece for getting everyone back into their regular routines after long weekends and vacation weeks. Not only that, the Echo has multiple purposes beyond just a reminder system.

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