How to Replace Gear Fit2 Pro Bands

If you're looking to switch up your look or replace a worn-out Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro band, the process is luckily very easy, since compatible bands simply snap into place. Once you get the hang of it, you might just want to keep several bands on-hands just to switch things up!

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How to replace your Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro band

  1. Turn your Gear Fit2 Pro upside-down so that you're looking at the underside that sits on your wrist.
  2. Use a fingernail to pull the latch securing the band to the screen.
  3. Pull down from the body of your Gear Fit2 Pro.
  4. Repeat for the opposite side.
  5. Slide the new bands into place until the latch clicks.
  6. Run your finger over the bottom of your Gear Fit2 Pro to make sure everything is sitting flush.

That's all there is to it. No need to remove pins or anything. If you find that the new band is loose, you may have to push the latch back into place that it's locked properly.

Our top picks

If you're looking for an everyday band to replace the one that came with your Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, it's hard to do better for the price than the VIGOSS Fitness Wristband Strap. It's available in a few different colors, as well as a couple options with holes in them for breathability.

So many options

Maxjoy band

Maxjoy band (Image credit: Amazon)

Maxjoy Stainless Steel Loop ($20 at Amazon)

Some folks want to be able to switch into something more fashionable if the opportunity presents itself. The Maxjoy Loop makes that easy, and comes in three different colors to choose from. The company also offers a Milanese Loop for those who aren't a huge fan of the Stainless Steel look.

XINKSD Rugged Protective Frame ($10 at Amazon)

This rugged band from XINKSD is great for those who want to add a little bit of protection to the Gear Fit2 Pro. The band provides up to 2-meters of impact protection, and will be great regardless of the situation.

ViCRiOR Nylon Canvas Band ($14 at Amazon)

It's important to have a breathable band so that you don't run into an itchy wrist or even worse, some type of rash from sweat. The ViCRiOR Nylon band is great for those who are looking for a different type of band due to how comfortable it is.

TRUMiRR Leather Band ($15 at Amazon)

If stainless steel bands aren't your thing, but you want to keep things classy, then this leather band from TRUMiRR is perfect. It has a traditional clasp so it will look natural, and is made from genuine calf leather for a great feeling.

Digit.Tail Nylon NATO Band ($19 at Amazon)

There are some folks who want a rugged watch strap, along with the rugged casing. There are others who just want a solid and rugged band, and you can't get any better than a NATO band. This band includes four layers of monofilament weaving to create a super durable band.

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