Car crash detection on the Pixel 4 XLSource: Joe Maring / Android Central

The Pixel 4 from Google is one of the year's most interesting phones. It's outfitted with jaw-dropping cameras, a beautiful 90Hz display, and one of the fastest face unlock systems we've ever seen. One new feature that's not quite as exciting, but perhaps the most important, is car crash detection. Using its location, motion sensors, and ambient audio, the Pixel 4 is able to determine if you've been in an accident. If so, it can sound an alarm to make sure you're OK and call 911 if necessary. It's a feature we absolutely recommend you have turned on, so today, we're going to teach you how to do just that.

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How to enable car crash detection on the Pixel 4

  1. Open the Personal Safety app (it's pre-installed on your Pixel 4).
  2. Tap the gear icon in the upper-left corner.

    Pixel 4 home screen with Personal Safety appPersonal Safety app home screenSource: Android Central

  3. Tap Car crash detection.
  4. Tap the toggle to turn it on (if the banner is blue, it's already enabled).

    Settings for Personal Safety appCar crash detection page in the Personal Safety appSource: Android Central

  5. From that page, you can tap Try a demo at the bottom to see how car crash detection works.

When a crash is detected, the Pixel 4 vibrates and sounds an alarm. The Assistant then speaks to you, telling you to say "Emergency" if you want it to call 911. Alternatively, you can say "Cancel" if everything's alright.

Personal Safety demoPersonal Safety demoPersonal Safety demoSource: Android Central

If you say "Cancel" or tap the "I'm OK" button on your screen, you can indicate whether you were in a minor crash or didn't have an accident at all. By doing this, you can help Google improve its detection methods so that it's more accurate in the future.

Alternatively, if you do end up needing to call 911, you'll see your exact location on the Pixel 4's display so you can let the dispatcher know exactly where you are.

We certainly hope you never need to use car crash detection on the Pixel 4, but in the event that something does happen, it's nice knowing there are safety measures in place to keep you safe.

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The best of Google

Google Pixel 4 XL

Google Pixel 4 XL

Ready to help in a time of need.

From its dual rear cameras and 90Hz display, the Pixel 4 XL is an exciting phone. With its car crash detection feature, it could also potentially save your life. In the event of a crash, the phone will sound a loud alarm, and if you don't dismiss it, automatically call 911 with your location on your behalf.

Additional Equipment

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