How do you feel about the Evo 4G pricing? (Updated)

OK, now that the Sprint Evo 4G pricing is official and all, let's break it down, all official-like.

  • $199 for the phone, after the usual two-year contract.
  • $69.99 a month for the Everything Data plan.
  • $10 a month for the premium 4G WiMax service. That's optional. Update: OK, Sprint's backtracked and now says it is NOT optional. They apologize for the confusion.
  • $29 a month if you wan the WiFi hotspot service. And that will serve up to eight devices. This is optional, too.

The good news: No data caps, so far as Sprint knows at this point. (That's for 3G and 4G.)

So what say you guys? That about what you were expecting?

Phil Nickinson