How do you feel about the Evo 4G pricing? (Updated)

OK, now that the Sprint Evo 4G pricing is official and all, let's break it down, all official-like.

  • $199 for the phone, after the usual two-year contract.
  • $69.99 a month for the Everything Data plan.
  • $10 a month for the premium 4G WiMax service. That's optional. Update: OK, Sprint's backtracked and now says it is NOT optional. They apologize for the confusion.
  • $29 a month if you wan the WiFi hotspot service. And that will serve up to eight devices. This is optional, too.

The good news: No data caps, so far as Sprint knows at this point. (That's for 3G and 4G.)

So what say you guys? That about what you were expecting?

Phil Nickinson
  • I think that pricing is pretty much fair and its good that 4G is optional for those that dont have 4G yet.
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  • The $10 premium is not optional, but in reality, I agree that it's a great price regardless. The chatter below that this will not pull people in, and that Sprint was lying, blah blah blah, is rubbish. Sprint likely never made promises, was mis-quoted by the press, and now people are all huffy about their fantasies. Get over it. It's $10 a month. Buy 1 less alcoholic drink out on a Saturday, and you've made that money back. SO! It's ashame I am getting the HTC Incredible for work for nothing... Time to drop my Sprint plan :-( Poor timing to save money!
  • So the $10 monthly fee is not optional but why should you care? There is no data cap now like all other carriers have and 4G service is included in that $10 monthly charge. That is still about $30 cheaper than ATT and Verizon's similar 3G plans so why so many complaints? Think about it, you're getting faster service, best phone on the market, cheaper plans, more plan features, unlimited data, and Sprint's 30 day guarantee or ALL your money back. You have to be pretty confident in your service to offer a 30 day guarantee or all your money back. ALL other major carriers don't have this. All I know is that I'm going to be enjoying the EVO in LESS THAN A MONTH! WooHoo!
  • Do you have a link detailing that there is in fact no cap on the 'unlimited' plan? I had thought there was a 5 GB limit. If so, this is awesome!!
  • mixed bag on pricing, here are my thoughts if you want to check it out
  • thank goodness you guys got clarification about the 10.00. Makes since that its optional since it is not available everywhere yet
  • is it me or every body is going crazy, din't the ceo said that 4g was going to be free, so why is it that nobody is asking that question? i thought the hole point was to get customer from other carrier, this will not accomplish that, it just going to go as a complete lie by sprint...
  • $10 for premium add-on. Doesn't technically mean 4G, but could be video chat ect.
  • Yeah thats what bothers me, shouldn't say one thing and then do another.
  • Yes! that was ridiculous that they would charge for a service that is barely available...
  • I look at it this way it's still cheaper then pricing for the iPhone so if they wanna charge and extra $10 bucks I'm ok with that.
  • the point is the ceo said that it was not going to cost extra for the 4g service and now that he sees people responding well to this phone hes going to break his word and try to squeeze as much money as he can, not taking in to consideration that he mite actually lose some potential customers, this so sprint business like, and then you wander why they keep on loosing customers left to right...
  • Stop crying man. People say things all the time and things change. It still will be cheaper and you will have 10x the speed. This "but he said" crap is getting annoying. I bet we can bring up several cases where carriers said one thing and did another. Get over it.
  • I agree this whole typical Sprint crap gets old people complain about all providers for one reason or another. Bottom line is this if you like this phone and want this phone you will have to deal with sprint's service and fee's just like if you want the iphone you deal with att if you want the incredible you deal with vz if you want the hd2 you deal with tmobile they all have there pro's and con's lets quit complaining about the little things and just enjoy life already.
  • it doesn't matter what other carriers do.fact is hesse said 4g would be free and now he's going to take advantage of his customers by going back on his word.even if it's still the cheapest and the best plan out there,it doesn't change the fact that hesse and sprint are a bunch of can you trust a bunch of liars?
  • amen to that.
  • Ten no problem but 30 for wifi (Hotspot) tether? 18 bucks (One time fee) for PDANET that works over USB or blue-tooth. Now that the 4G is designed to be a hot-spot I bet PDANET can and will add WIFI to the list of available options to tether. If all else fails.....root fixes everything. Seriously with all the interest in this phone Sprint shouldn't be surprised to see it rooted and running wifi for free within the first week. For me if they keep going crazy with add ons Ill just root and smile while I hook up to my wifi hotspot for free. Over charge me and I will find a workaround. Charge me reasonably and I'll pay. To me 30 a month for the hot-spot is ridiculous. At a minimum it should be teared and rated by the number of devices you want to attach, that would be fair.
  • I look at it this way it's still cheaper then pricing for the iPhone so if they wanna charge and extra $10 bucks I'm ok with that.
  • It's a perfect price!!! Sprint is going to sell this phone like crazyyyyy!! GO EVO GO! I hope to see a lot of adds on tv, radio, billboards... everywhere!
  • Fair enough for me. My area is getting 4G this summer. Maybe HTC/Sprint will have a 1.5GHz Android phone by then. ^_^ A man can dream, can't he?
  • I think $10 is reasonable and would pay it to have the phone even though I am not in a 4G area. However I also like the fact that they are making optional for those of us in non 4G areas.
  • It's reasonable but it is a bad business move. They should be trying to remove all barriers to entry and get as many Wimax devices into people's hands as they can. This will just make people think twice about getting it and will decrease demand for Wimax. I will still get it and pay $10 more for Wimax but having to bump up my plan every year for some new phone is getting old.
  • The way I see it is, it will bring more people to the device (thus more Wimax devices in people's hands). Why? 1) If they went with the extra $10 and 4G isn't available in most people's area, people will be turned off and pissed that Sprint had the balls to tell them to pay for something that isn't available. 2) Even without the 4G the phone is beastly and people will want it. Without the extra $10 charge being optional and the price being this great, I see plenty of people hoping on this. The fact is new tech = more cost. Its expected that things will go up when new tech is introduced, but at least Sprint was smart enough to not force it on the people. I think its a great move.
  • I second that. I understand the pricing, but I think most people will view it as just "rust-proof undercoating" for their phone. It's a way to save $10 a month. I'm surprised and glad to see that they didn't pull that AT&T I-phone bull and charge a premium for the "privilege" of having the device, Where your basically financing out a phone that's overpriced to begin with (hey, black turtlenecks don't come cheap!). I also don't think they will have sales reps push the service in areas that don't have it. What will be interesting is how they choose to market it. My guess is we'll see some sort of first-months-free type of package. People will get to experience the speed first hand, and realize it's worth that $10 a month.
  • Amazing price (its almost beyond belief lol). Come 4G in NY (hurry up lol)
  • Long Island Specifically!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NASSAU COUNTY :)
  • Hopefully the $10 4G thing can be turned off/on via the website. The mobile hotspot is fair but frankly, rooting it should allow unofficial tethering. Pricing looks good to me overall. Sprint has a winner. Now they need to hype the hell out of it with an intense TV ad blitz.
  • Where did they you get the information that it is optional? My email sent from Sprint doesn't say optional and neither does Sprint's release message. Did you get this from Sprint themselves? Sorry to question, but most of us really would like to know.
  • Well, the fact that they are actually there at the event should say that they got the information from Sprint directly. Let's all hope that the $10 a month is optional. :)
  • I'm sitting in a room with more Sprint PR people than you can shake a stick at. And I shook a stick. It didn't work. :p
  • That statement from the rep say, " If you buy the Sprint 4G EVO, you have to pay this $10 charge each month. This is specific to the device. It’s not related to whether you are using 3G or 4G. It is required if you have the phone. Because the phone has a faster processor, a huge 4.3 inch screen and an 8 megapixel camcorder/camera, we expect you will be using a lot more data than you would with our other devices. These features will give you capabilities that have previously never been available on a wireless device and we think they provide a premium experience. (Remember, this is the world’s first 3G/4G Android phone.)"
  • also i believe this is the first phone with a native youtube hq app. that will eat up a ton of data
  • I'll give you that it has a bigger screen, but the rest of that is marketing drivel. It has the exact same 1 ghz snapdragon cpu the N1/Incredible have.
  • Just read a post that said the $10 is NOT optional and that everyone buying the Evo will have to pay it. They are saying that it is not for the 4G service, but because people will be using more data. Go figure!
  • i love the $199 device price and the $10/month extra for 4g is ok but i think they will sell alot more if they do not charge the $10/month extra for 4g, even though its optional i am 150% getting the evo and paying that $10 month.
  • They had crazy restrictive plan requirements when the pre came out also. Give it time, as 4g rolls out in more places.
  • No they didn't. They just required one of the new plans with data included. That was a smart move to get people on the new plans if using a device that requires data to function properly.
  • The mandatory element is the $10 add-on for premium (4G) data. The premium data, is not mandatory, just the fee for premium data.
  • They did NOT have "crazy restrictive plan requirements" when the Pre came out. They did require the Everything Data plan but it wasn't any different that any other new smart phone. What was so "crazy" and "restrictive" about it?
  • The ten spot is alright, you get what you pay for im just bummed that sprint was backing the same price for more stuff line a while back
  • I don't know where you're getting the optional part for the $10 fee. It's mandatory and a dealbreaker for many people I've talked to.
  • ummmm they're sitting down with Sprint PR group. Thats where they're getting their info from. I will trust actual people over e-mails any day.
  • It's STILL cheaper than Verizon and AT&T's 3g plans. You are getting 4G for CHEAPER than 3G on the competition. How on earth is it a dealbreaker?
  • also they need to put out bigger and better advertising than the droid so they can sell this thing
  • same here, IS the 10 dollar 4g optional or not? !!!! CLARIFY!!!!
  • the $10 charge sucks.the big boss at sprint promised that they would not charge extra for 4G.he lied.what else did he lie about?
  • The $10 charge is very good price point when you think Verizon is charging you $45 a month for limited data plans and if you go over then they charge overage fees. If you look at the Iphone it's $30 a month (for each Iphone) plus $10 a month for unlimited texting. Who can complain about that about the extra $10?You can share HD videos from your phone to youtube and facebook. HD videos uses a lot of data to upload and download and it's a bigger file. The first time ever a CDMA network has voice and data usage at the same time. This technology cost money, how much do you think At&t and Verizon is going to charge for their 4G network to get going? I'm giving up my Palm Pre for the Evo!!!
  • Just to clarify, Verizon charges $30 a month for the normal data plan. Also, you will not be able to do voice and data at the same time with wimax.
  • Let's really be clear. Verizon charges $30 ADDITIONAL for unlimited data service. Their unlimited talk is $69. Add you WILL be able to use voice and Wimax at the same time with Sprint! Says so in plain terms in the news release, as well as every rep saying so.
  • Read the article again, it clearly states it. As far as Verizon goes, I was looking at their plans last month in hopes of getting an idea of what I'm looking at price wise if the Iphone was to turn up there and it says data plan per line $45 a month. Go to their website and look it up for yourself. With all the crying and complaining over $10 going, need to look it up for themselves and price it out. Afterwards, come back on here and tell people how wrong you were for crying over $10. If you have a wireless router, you don't need to spend the extra $30 on the mifi connectivity. If you still wanna spend $30 for mifi that's still cheap. Overall, you're going to save money
  • im not worried about what verizon charges or about what other carriers are doing,my only concern is about what sprint is doing and it looks like they're trying to pull a double take on us.everyone is so hyped up about the EVO4G that they're not calling hesse out on his "4G will be free" promise.
  • Perfect price.
    $10/month for 4G service is spot on. I mean, guys, it's still cheaper than ANY comparable plan on any other carrier. AND maybe more revenue for sprint = faster 4G rollout across the country? I'm a webOS user.. but I was wondering, aren't there hotspot apps out for the android already? Will they work on the Evo?
  • Are you absolutely sure $10 is optional?
    "Phone requires a two-year Agreement and activation on a select service plan AND Premium Data buy-up."
  • $10 is for sprint premium entertainment NOT 4g. hotspot is $30
  • I like how sprint is targeting all of the pre customers that got it on day one like me. If you are a sprint premier customer and got the pre on june 6 ( the day it was released) well then guess what, your one year will be the day the evo is released. So I can walk in and upgrade with out any problems. Sprint was smart for doing that.
  • I was worried for awhile. IT was "leaked" that all phones on a shared plan would have to be upgraded.
    Glad that's not the case as I could not justify the Evo for that much extra money per month.
  • I guess I don't understand the big fuss over the $10 additional charge for 4G. I'm willing to pay it even without 4G coverage (should be in Nashville, TN soon). Plus everything I've read says that the additional charge is to get the premium Evo service (video chat). IMO it's part of technology and if it helps keep Sprint, who I LOVE as a carrier, from going under, go ahead and sign me up. Even with the $10 charge the plan is still cheaper than most Verizon plans and cheaper than iPhone plans. I completely intend on making all my iPhone, Droid and Incredible friends jealous by whipping out this bad boy!!!
  • I'm cool w/ the pricing. The EVO will be my first Android. I have the Sprint Overdrive already so I'm not too concerned about the EVO's hotspot capability especially since you're connection will drop when you get a call in a 3G coverage area. Once 4G is more widespread then I may ditch the Overdrive, but not for now.
  • Wait, but isn't it cheaper to pay the $30 hotspot access for the Evo 4g instead of the what $60 for the overdrive and it does the same thing?
  • So for the full Evo 4G experience it's going to be basically $110 a month. That seems a bit high to me, but not out of range. I think if they took $10 off of the tethering plan so the total package was $99.99 a month, they would get a lot more takers.
  • I have heard that Sprint give a $100 rebate for new customers. Does anyone know if that is true since it would cover the $10 for the first 10 months? I also agree that Sprit said they would not charge extra for 4G. I am disappointed over the $30 hotspot charge since Verizone gives it away with the Pre and that is the phone my wife wants.
  • Verizon is only doing that (in my opinion) because they know that it can be done anyway for free. I think it was a smart move for them since users would do it anyway. Sprint knows that you can do it but they don't advertise it. I think (I could be wrong) when Sprint said that they wouldn't charge extra for 4G, they were refering to the mobile broadband packages which are $59.99 and they haven't increased the cost of it since launching 4G. Not only did they NOT charge extra for it, they made it UNLIMITED instead of 5gigs per month. Bottom line is, it cost Sprint a TON of money to put the network in place and at some point theh have to start MAKING money to expand and maintain it.
  • I spoke on the phone last night with a Sprint telesales rep and they said new customers get a $100 mail in rebate when you open a new account. So yes, it is true.
  • I think maybe 5 would be fine but ten is too high.
  • So, you're going to pay 20 more for AT&T or Verizon? Uh huh...
  • I was waiting to get the EVO and switch to Sprint from ATT. I only pay $70 on ATT b/c I use Google Voice so texts are free anyway. $10 extra mandatory is ridiculous (even though I am in a 4G covered area), especially in this closed test case if they only got 4 Mbps, where I can get 3.1 Mbps on ATT 3G for just $70.
  • I'm not very impressed with the pricing... right now I could care less about the $10 month extra to use 4G because I won't see it in my area in the life time of this phone. But I still think it's a bad move on Sprint to charge extra for this. The $30 for the Hotspot is ridiculous and in my opinion they have made this feature absolutely worthless at that price... it shouldn't even be listed as a feature!!
  • How is this any different from other phones which offer features which you have to pay extra for? When Verizon first released the Palm Pre+ there was an additional charge for the mobile hotspot. This is the latest and greatest in new technology PLUS it's optional. If you don't want it, don't pay for it.
  • The reason I'm with Sprint now is because I don't have to pay extra for all their features... if they are going to start charging for all this extra stuff why should I stay with Sprint then??
  • Fine. Don't stay with Sprint. Go to Verizon or AT&T and end up paying MORE than 10 dollars extra. Like it or not, not everything in life is free. If you can't accept that, go back to using a shitty Razr or something. Why not look at the other peoples prices before bitching that you're going to leave?
  • Well considering a month and a half ago Dan Hesse said that 4G is "giving you more for free" at CTIA 2010 (see ), the fact that they're now charging extra for 4G means that he pretty much lied. I've been a lifelong Verizon customer, but I was willing to jump ship to Sprint and trade off a superior network in favor of better prices and a better phone. Guess I'll just be upgrading to the Incredible instead.
  • i'm sick of everyone b*tching about the extra ten dollars for 4g... no matter how u slice it, you would still be coming out at least $20 cheaper than ATT and VZW and get at least 10x the speed. if you don't think you can afford $10, just skip fast food one day per month. As far as the extra $30 for the wireless hotspot... how about you go spend $60/mo for ATT's or VZW's Mobile broadband cards and get 10x less speed if it's that big of a deal to you... You are flat out retarded if you expected for sprint to give that away for free and you even more retarded if you don't think that someone will develop an app to make it free within the first couple of months. I've been using a wireless hotspot app with my droid since November, and haven't paid a cent... Anyways, the evo is CLEARLY the best phone on the market and here in KC, we already have 4g and i can't wait to fire this some b*tch up.
  • RIGHT ON!, and its not like the 32 markets right now are it, with the additional 10 dollars and 30 dollar plans, they can speed up the process and provide 4g to other markets. If you live in one horse town , USA and dont travel anywhere but the barnyard then yeah, they shouldnt even be looking at this phone, or be on the internet.
  • next thing you know they'll start charging for sprint TV,GPS and anything else they feel like charging extra for and people will still be saying "so what it's still cheaper than AT&T and verizon".they souldn't make false promises.they should have said from the beginning that they were going to charge extra for 4G.
  • The $10 is NOT OPTIONAL! This is John Taylor, the PR rep for Sprint... Please refer to his post about the charge.
  • "If you buy the Sprint 4G EVO, you have to pay this $10 charge each month. This is specific to the device. It's not related to whether you are using 3G or 4G. It is required if you have the phone. Because the phone has a faster processor, a huge 4.3 inch screen and an 8 megapixel camcorder/camera, we expect you will be using a lot more data than you would with our other devices. These features will give you capabilities that have previously never been available on a wireless device and we think they provide a premium experience. (Remember, this is the world's first 3G/4G Android phone.)"
  • will the evo ever be upgrade to 2.2?
  • I LOVE IT, I will exclude all optional shiz, and keep my 69.,99 plan with a sick ass phone upgrade...thank you sprint. NOW I WILL BE ABLE TO WATCH E3 AT WORK WITH FLASH PLAYER!!!!!!
  • I am fine with the price of the phone but don't care to pay the $10 upcharge. I'm not paying for something I don't need/use/want. Hell, I don't even need 4g with having wifi at home. I'll be getting the Evo but, passing on the $10 upcharge and $30 hot spot. I'm in a 3G market with 4 lines total.
  • Everyone else including engadget are reporting that the $10 a month is mandatory. I think you may have your facts wrong.
  • Kinda lame.. but will pay it... DAN IS A LIAR THOUGH!! Also.. the $30 for hotspot access will be pointless once they root the phone right?? You can install the USB and WIFI tether apps and us them instead or am i wrong?
  • Delete.
  • Your asking me to delete my post??
  • Sorry, repeated what someone else had posted
  • not going to pay $120 a year to have this phone
  • No, you'd rather pay 360 dollars a year for an inferior phone and data package (Verizon or ATT). If you own an Iphone, STFU. You're STILL paying less. Why is it that people would rather pay 100 dollars for an Iphone/Droid but not pay 80 for an Evo? That makes no sense.
  • don't tell me what I'd rather do...I'm already on sprint, I don't need wimax and I don't want to pay 10$ more for something I don't need. I think its bush league to tack on an add on charge.
  • Fine then. Use a Palm Pre or HTC Hero or whatever. Enjoy using your inferior device because you don't wanna pay a measly 10 dollars more.
  • I was waiting to get the EVO and switch to Sprint from ATT. I only pay $70 on ATT b/c I use Google Voice so texts are free anyway. $10 extra mandatory is ridiculous (even though I am in a 4G covered area), especially in this closed test case if they only got 4 Mbps, where I can get 3.1 Mbps on ATT 3G for just $70.
  • If you're on an AT&T data plan (BBerry, Iphone, WM) you're paying at around 100 dollars for the minimum number of minutes, plus text and data. At 80 dollars, you're still saving. And I call massive BS on 3.1 Mbps. With 5 bars on my Iphone 3GS, I'm not getting that kinda speed. Seriously, quit your bitching.
  • Bush league?!? I guess ATT and VZW are bush league because they would charge an extra $30... not $10....... Dumbass
  • Why are people bitching about paying 10 dollars more for WiMax? You're STILL paying less than you would on AT&T (Iphone) data plan. And that's not even mentioning the fact that you get MORE. If you're on ATT or Verizon, you have no right to be bitching.
  • Because there are a LOT of people like me who won't be seeing 4G in their area for at least another 3 years!!!
  • Okay, so you're gonna stick to ATT/Verizon and pay even more? Yeah, you wont get 4G.. but you're STILL paying less in the long-run compared to anyone else (unless you get some other sprint handset which doesn't require the extra $10/mo)
  • I'm good. Thanks for keeping up updated on what was going on there. How was the Movie?
  • Rather it be optional but I can do $10. They better get 4G here in NY soon man.
  • I can understand people are upset on the principle of not being in a 4g area.If you compare Sprint to the other carriers you are still saving money. Unlimited text, free navigation, ..... They can't give it all away! It is clearly a premium phone with a "premium" charge.Hopefully there will be other devices for people not willing to spend the extra $10.If you save 40 and it cost you 10, don't you still save???
  • no, just for that 1 device
  • So my question is if I have 4 phones and I choose to get an EVO but no one else does, will I only have to pay $10 or is the $10 subject to every phone on that plan? I guess I could swing $10 extra for each EVO but don't want to force those on my plan to pay more if they don't want the phone.
  • Sprint can spec me to pay for 4G when it's not available here in cincy yet... it uses the same 3G data the my Tour has now so what's the deal???
  • I am not too happy about the extra $10 a month..MANDATORY per the PR guy. But will it stop me from getting this phone, no. That is why they are doing it. I had to upgrade my plan when I went to the PRE. But I was able to DOWNGRADE my plan when Sprint intro'd the any mobile any time feature. They did that without any I am still good with Sprint.
    Get me this phone ASAP!
    (BTW..I am writing this while on 4G from Clear...(same network as Sprint) and I can report that it's coverage is pretty spotty in Dallas. I have only one window in my house where I can get 4G connection. In my office it is the same...inside, connect only by mounting modem in a window 10 feet high) It is very fast with a good signal....6Mb down and 1MB up. I talked to somebody else using it outside all the time and they report they get solid connections pretty easily.
  • I dont agree with the 4G service. Its not a service that is offered anywhere near me. The whole state does not have a 4G coverage area.
  • When can I pre order?
  • this is what i want to know
  • At Best Buy, we will begin pre orders on the 16th
  • Doesn't bother me at all, even though my city doesn't have 4G yet many of the cities that I travel to that are near me will this summer. I can't wait for this phone! This will destroy my Hero!!
  • I have to say I am a little bummed out by this. I have a Simply Everything plan at $99 that covers voice and data unlimited. If I wanted to get the mobile hotspot, and this phone it would raise my total price to almost $140.00 a month. That is an extra $480 a year. I am assuming the cost would be closer to $150-160 thanks to Sprint's new "Sprint Surcharges." I know that Sprint talks about their $69.99 Simply Everything plan but that only covers calls to cell phones. Which is pretty deceptive to begin with in how it's advertised. Unfortunately I have a lot of land line calling I do. I think I might pass on the Evo now. Instead, I will just stay with my 3rd replacement Pre, which is a shame because I was ready to jump ship to Android the second this was released. Given Sprint's market position, keeping their same plans would have helped bring in more customers. The new pricing scheme is confusing, contradictory to everything Sprint has marketed for years, and flies in the face of what Hesse stated 4G would cost a few months ago.
  • i guess I'm not getting an evo after all sprint had to fxck it up with the $10 fee
  • Even with the required $10 Premium data fee, the plans would still be cheaper than a comparable everything data 3G plan from VZ or AT&T!
  • OK, reality check! I am not a fan of the $10 extra fee, but lets look at ATT/Ver for a smartphone plan that includes unlimited text, voice, and data: Unlimited Voice - $69.99
    Unlimited Text - $20
    Unlimited Data (smartphone) - $30 That's $119.99 a month before taxes. I know Sprints any mobile any time plan is not unlimited voice, but it might as well be since you can call any mobile for free and night and weekends start at 7 PM. Let's see: 450 any mobile any time - $69.99
    extra data buy up - $10 Thats $79.99. The cheapest you can get into an iPhone plan with unlimited text is $89.99 which gives you only 450 anytime minutes with night and weekend starting at 9 PM and no unlimited to any mobile calling. Do the math!
  • I'm pretty sure most people like me, that are not going to get the phone because of the $10 are existing sprint customers that do not want to pay more. We don't care how much cheaper it is than Verizon and ATT, we are still paying more, which I do not want to do.
  • EXACTLY, everyone who is mad seems to want a handout, cmon look at all the places the 4g is coming to lare this year.. Maybe they wont buy it june 4th but by the end of the year it will expand and still no word of 4g from anyone else. They bitch about theres no 4g in my area, well then dont buy it and shut up and dont troll on this post. Maybe the 10 dollars and the other data plans will HELP getting 4g in their area? Before one post about the 10 dollar plan then just dont get it. Its not sprints fault. They are ONE person who is bitchen and sprint is a business trying to make profit so they can expand their 4g. Get real, if your pissed about the 10 dollars make an honest opinion that is not rude, shiit.! nice post nathan1
  • What's really outrageous about this is how WiMax is supposedly cheaper to run than 3G. So they're really charging $10 for...the sake of charging an extra $10. That's no way to get subscribers back, Sprint. Have fun continuing to hemorrhage them.
  • Even with the required $10 Premium data fee, the plans would still be cheaper than a comparable everything data 3G plan from VZ or AT&T! Have fun paying more money for less service with your ATT iPhone or VZ Droid!
  • how do you think they are going to expand? its TEN dollars! its like an ANGUS burger meal at mcdonals with an extra order of nuggets in ONE MONTH! If you live in a small town with a few people and never travel then dont get it, and dont post as if you speak for everyone. its 4g not a natural resource like water and EVERYONE should have it. It takes time.
  • There had better not be any data caps for $10 on top of $69. For $79 a month, I'd better be able to download all 3.9 billion web pages every day of my two-year contract. And if Sprint tries to shut me down, I will upload my fist at 4G speeds straight up their ass!
  • I think it is completely reasonable considering all of the thing that is giving you and compare that to what the other companies are charging. First of all if you look at at cost of the wireless broadband plans (including Sprint), they are all $59.99 for 5 gigs of usage per month (Sprints 3G is limited to 5 gigs but 4G is unlimited). So being able to do the same thing with the Evo for $29.99 AND have up to 8 devices using it....THAT'S 1/2 price! Now compare the plans: If you get Sprints Everything Data 450 plan with your EVO, you will pay $79.99 a month. ($69.99 / month, plus a $10 a month premium data charge.) That includes: •Unlimited calling in America to any wireless phone
    •Unlimited Text
    •Unlimited Web
    •450 Anytime minutes Verizon's Nationwide Unlimited and AT&T's Nationwide Unlimited include •Unlimited Talk for $69.99 If you want to add
    •Unlimited Text, it's $20/month
    •Unlimited Web, it's $29.99/month So look at it like this, if you want ALL of these features (Phone with unlimited data and text AND Mobile Broadband for your computer): AT&T and Verizon = $180 per month (add $10 if you want Navigation)
    Sprint = $110 per month. I know some of you are going to say "The Sprint plan only gives you unlimited calling to MOBILE phones, NOT landlines!!!" so I will go ahead and respond to that comment now by saying, "Who do you know that does NOT have a mobile phone and is it worth and extra $70 per month to call them?" I think this phone is going to do well for Sprint and FINALLY give the iPhone something to worry about.
  • thumbs up dude !
  • no matter how u slice it... sprint still comes out cheaper even, no matter which plan u pick.
  • In response to the Land Line question. Older family members. I could deal with the 450 a month however I also use the phone for work (no reimbursement). Hours and hours of time on conference calls into bridges of phone lines. I am sure I am not the only person doing this. If Sprint finally allows the corporate discount on the Simply Everything plan than I might be sold into doing it.
  • I can understand that and I understand that some users have that issue as well but Sprint has to consider ALL of the consumers and overall, I feel that Sprint still offers the best plan options for smartphone users. Granted, they don't have plans to meet everyones needs but what carrier does.
  • I have a question, can you use the hotspot while using the phone to make calls?
  • Simple: Price is great! never expected 199 for this phone! DONT LIKE!: THEY LIED TO US ABOUT Free 4G!!!
  • I would feel a little bit better about paying an extra $10 if they removed the 5GB cap on 3G for this plan, even though I never come close to that anyway. If I won't get 3G for some time I need to get something more from my service (not hardware, I'm already paying for that with my upgrade!!) from Sprint for the extra $10. I know $10 doesn't seem like a lot but in this economy every little bit makes a difference.
  • According to Phone Scoop, that $10 premium add-on has the benefit of no data cap for either WiMAX or 3G connections.
  • If thats true then I'll be watching streamed movies all day my friend. It would be good, and if they manage to throw a hack in to hotspot or make adjustments to make the hot spot free would be better. Just have to wait and see how it works out when released. I wanna see the upcoming cool stuff they have, like cases and other things.
  • This is said how people are crying over an extra $10. U ALSO get Voice and data at same time, video calls, faster speeds and calls more clearer. Theres alot there for that Extra $10. When I was on my girls plan 2 years ago we payed about $180 for a family plan with 700 mins, unlimited data and text. This is alot better then what we had. Were both getting a family any mobile plan a each getting a evo. Still my cus pays $120 for his iphone on At&T and thats without insurnce and extra features sprint has for the 4g. I think it sucks also but when you look at it, $10 gets you some great new features. Well all i can say is im excited cuz Here In Baltimore, MD where I live is where they 1st installed and tested there 4g service b4 any other city. So Im covered regardless. I remeber 1st hearing about them test 4g service with the WiMax wireless hub. But Im not a laptop person so I never got into the 4g scene. But I have seen it in action 1st hand b4 the evo was shown in March and the service is well worth the $10.
  • From what I've read in the past... the reason you can't use voice and data at the same time on Sprint is because of a limitation with CDMA. Since the EVO has two separate radios, one for CDMA and another for 4G, you can use the CDMA radio for voice and then at the same time you can use the 4G radio for data. BUT... if you live in an area that doesn't have 4G I'm willing to bet that you are going to be limited to only voice or data on CDMA.
  • I have a very BIG feeling when the Evo is released that sprints forums is going to blow up due to all places without 4g. I can say that they need a better way to deal with the no 4g spots and not charge people for not having it in there cities yet. But if sprints wants to market the Evo as the next best phone this year they really should have the $10 as an option. I Can understand crying about not having 4g and have to pay but if you do have 4g then its a great price and people with 4g service need to look at what they are getting for $10. I didn't mean to confuse anybody but my post was only towards the area's with 4g service, so to those without 4g, I apologize for not stating the people i was aiming my post at.
  • That's cool I totally understand what your saying... I agree with you, I just want to get something from their service for the extra price... other than a shiny new phone :)
  • if you live in an area without 4g i think you can still use voice and data with wifi, not sure though,
  • Never use your personal phone for work without reimbursement.
  • For all of you who are wining about $10.00 a month, that's a very low price point for what you get. Consider this... $10.00 is slightly more than 1 fast food meal, 2 packs of cigarettes, or 1 movie ticket, all of which gives only a few hours of "pleasure". If you can't afford a measly $10.00, then stay with 3G. Sheesh... Last time I checked, 4G wasn't included in Obama's "bail-out" plans.
  • That's easy to say when you have (or will have soon) 4G in your area!! The $10 extra would be as big of a deal then.
  • What if there is no 4G in your area? Are you waived the $10 fee? Now that Sprint says it's not optional I mean is that a charge no matter what? My area, El Paso, TX has no coverage and not even on their list of cities to get updates on.
  • Exactly, If they're charging the extra ten spot a month with no 4G prospects even on the horizon then I'd tell then what they can do with their loser service. I think that takes some big brass ones to screw potential customers when you're already losing them hand over fist.
  • The big brass at Sprint are trying justifying the extra cost by saying that since you have the EVO you are going to use the data more than any other phone... regardless if you have access to 4G or not. I personally don't agree with this logic. Yeah in the beginning it's going to be new and fun and I'm going to use the hell out of it... but it won't take long and the newness will ware off and I won't use it more than the phone I have now.
  • I don't want this to sound rude but if you HONESTLY believe that then, when (if) it does, you can switch back to your old phone and you won't have to pay that extra cost. Sprint does allow you to change your plan and/or phone without changing your contract.
  • Yes I do HONESTLY believe that. It's the principal of paying more for 4G (which I believe is the real reason for the increased cost) when I can only get 3G. Right now the only thing I can hope for is the extra cost will help me get 4G sooner... but I'm not holding my breath!!
  • I'm good with the pricing. I just can't figure out what would possess a company to build a fantastic phone like this and only put 1GB of memory in the phone. I understand that it can accept up 32GB of memory card, but that 1GB can be used up in apps in no time flat! I just don't get it. Am I missing something? Can the apps be stored on the micro sd card?
  • They are throwing in an 8gb micro sd.
  • I live in an area that has 4G coverage and using it for an internet connection is spotty at best. If Sprint wants to charge a premium for it they better get it consistent!
  • i dont like it but IM STILL GETTING THAT BEAST!!!
  • i dont like it but IM STILL GETTING THAT BEAST!!!
  • If you need justification to pay for the extra 10$, just think that it's gonna be a investment to expand that 4g network(PERIOD). Their revenue is low, so they need more money to be able to invest in order to provide a better service. Stop thinking, from your selfish point of view.
  • HAHA selfish point of view? Its not OUR job to help them expand THEIR 4g network. They could collect A LOT more money by making that fee optional or totally removing it, by doing so they would get many more contracts. So many people now will think twice about getting this phone, myself included. Hey while youre in that NON selfish kind of mood how about you contribute $20 extra dollars a month to me so I can get a better education and expand our future. NOW that sounds like a good idea!
  • anyone that has any background on economics would know that it is a balance of price and quantity that they have to reach (equilibrium) not just making it as cheap and widely available as possible,( which would overflow their network anyways). Of course it's their job, but how are they gonna pay for it? they gotta have some source of revenue, And if you think about it ,it is an awesome investment. That's how capitalism works , you like it , you pay for it. and yes i like paying my taxes, i like public education, i like federal grands.
  • Yeah they do need a source of revenue for it...thats why they should charge people who USE the 4g. Are you going to pay for sprints everything plan while using a Motorola razor? I highly doubt it
  • Some posters want to point their fingures at the ones here that are "complaining" about the $10 charges. Well that is fine if you dont mind those at Sprint walking all over you. Sprint (Dan Hesse) said "FREE". Plain and simple. My unlimited data or "simply everything" plans says unlimited data ...... period!! Now charge me an additional $10 luxury charge to own or use a phone that compares to the phones offered by other carriers because you think I might use it more. Come on, are you serious??? Sprint offers the EVO. Other carriers offer the iPhone, Incredible, HD2, Nexus One and well you see where I am going. VZW promises to flood their customers with new android phones over the next year. You think Sprint will? The Simply everything plan when you use it with the EVO with all of the phones capabilities will now cost you $99 + $10 + $29. VZW offers the same thing including WIFI "hotspot" for $109. With todays phone technology popping up like it is where do you think the EVO with the Sprint plan will be in just say 2-3 months compared to its other competitors? Sprint really had a chance with this one to step it up? I feel they bit it big time. Do you think that VZW wont have 4G soon with their usually far superior line up of phones? I was going to sign a new 2 year sentence with Sprint but they have lost my trust over this one. I will hold onto my HTC Hero and update under a more reliable network and probably get better pricing now.
  • I don't like it, but I understand it. What I don't get is how they are going to justify the fee for people (like me) who aren't currently in 4G territory with a Mandatory $10 extra.
  • check it out, if you only have 3g and your city does not have 4g or is not in the waiting list then dont get it and dont bitch and say that sprint is stupid or its completely wrong, just plainly dont get it and stop trolling. Sprint is a business and is trying to provide 4g service to everyone, BUT IT TAKES TIME. So a 10 fee (which is STILL cheaper compared to other networks) will help boost prospects to other markets. The cities they are choosing and the cities they are going to put 4g in are markets with prospective cell phone revenues. If your in a boardroom and you have a budget to put 4g certain cities, where would you invest your 4g towers? Right in places where you have done research and according to that you believe you will get the best Return on Investment. If you dont have 4g or your not getting 4g then obviously that city is not a great economy to invest in. If you have read , Texas(i Live in San antonio) has a bunch of cities with 4g, and if you research the economy in Texas, Texas is a HUGE economy. texas has not felt much impact from the recession. Its business people, get over it. Its not dumb, or stupid of sprint to put this TAX on the EVO. How much is it to have an iphone? isnt it a mandatory 30 dollars? WTF?
  • WOW very disappointed and amazed at the mistake sprint is making. Thought ole Dan was smarter than this. Not sure if I will buy one now, but when or if I do I am sure there will be plenty of them in stock since it seems so many are outraged. I would almost of rather they just priced the phone at $299 and skipped the $10 privileged tax.
  • If I remember correctly, the iphone came out with no subsidy and an iphone plan. I'm not saying this is the iphone but it is not new for a company to charge a premium for what they consider a premium device.Look at the ipad??? Its flying off the shelves and it costs almost $900. That is the society we live in. Would people feel better if they announced the evo came with an "evo plan" that cost $10 more?
  • Look...they also gave me back the first year of this extra $10 by offering the 1 year=full upgrade to Premier customers. With tech changing as rapidly as it does, how long am I likely to keep THIS phone? I want the phone...I like Sprint; Do I wish they had gone through with the original plan of no up charge, yes. Do I think they have cost themselves some "conquest" customers by not keeping the plans the same...YES. Will it keep ME from upgrading..(even if I have to justify it by finding some offset!)....NO. Stay calm folks...I am as possessed by new gadgets as anyone, but is JUST a phone. If you don't think it is worth the $$ then skip this one...another will come along soon enough.
  • What pisses me off is that I live in Queens NY and I don't even get a 3G signal in my home on the 4th floor with windows. I get a crappy EVDO 1-3 bars at best. I run off my WiFi and some people still tell me that at times the call quality sucks.
  • I have no problem with the charge.... if I had 4G here. But without it, it's just plain dumb. I want the phone... the 4G is gravy on top. I shouldnt have to pay for 4G until they can deliver it.
  • The real question is if Sprint is charging $10/month for their 1st 4G device, what will VZ and ATT charge? Verizon has already made it clear that they want to charge more for data.Anyone want to guess how much more? Iphone 4g on ATT? Scary thought
  • Does anyone know how the $10 premium data charge would play with a family data plan?
    Looking at getting two Evo's on the Everything Data Family plan, and wondering if I would need two $10 premium data charge, or just one, or what?
  • I would hope is 1 per plan but you never know, it is Sprint. Hopefully now that it is official they will place all that info in their website soon!
  • Sprint was making such strides with customers and the media. I feel like this complicated pricing will kill their momentum. I really want Sprint to be successful. Their service personnel have been nothing short of professional and helpful. Given what I have read here and over at other sites like Gizmodo and Engadget, feelings are pretty mixed. This could become a public relations issue unless they spin it right. If I see Hesse's Simply Data Plan with Any Mobil, Anytime commercial as a new customer, then come in to buy the Evo, and I am told the price is "special" for the Evo, I am going to feel bait and switch. I don't want that. Start some TV commercials soon.
  • I was thinking today that when I got my first phone with internet service, Sprint had PCS Vision which back then included unlimited data and text messaging for $9.99 mo. Then a few yrs later I upgraded my phone and was told that I couldn't use my PCS Vision service with the phone I wanted because it was a 3G phone. I took the Sprint Power Vision Pack which was $15 a month and didn't include text messaging so I had to shell out an extra $5 for 300 text a month so my bill went up by $10 a month. Now Sprint is asking an extra $10... Ok I would have prefer an extra $5 but I guess $10 is reasonable. They could have charge for more... I remember that there were several Power Vision Packs ($15, $20 and $30). It has been the trend in the past to increase price as technology changes. It sucks but Sprint needs to make money so they can expand the network around the country. I will still get the phone but will have to wait till November. The good thing is hopefully any bugs will be worked out by then. :-)
  • ITT: People who don't bother to read and claim they will be charged for 4G. You're being charged a premium to use the EVO. The EVO can do to Sprint what the iPhone did to AT&T. Sprint has to get that little extra to reinforce the existing network. Don't tell me if you have a fried who has the EVO as well you won't be video chatting or video sharing like a mofo with each other. My wife informed me that we are getting 2 of them so we can do just this :) Let's hope Sprint uses the money to shore their 3G network if they need to.
  • SERIOUSLY MR HESSE?!?!?! Charging us $10 more each month and playing off our addiction just because you can EVEN THOUGH less than 1% of the people using this phone will actually be able to use the 4g service, you're still charging us for it..... how much F**KING SENSE does that make? Just another greedy bastard in the corporate latter, what else was I expecting... consideration and availability? Not from you.
  • Personally, I have no problem with the extra $10 per month charge, and I don't even live in a 4G area; Arkansas...hmm wonder how long til I get coverage. My reasoning is based 1) The mobility the EVO will offer on the web, and with other media. 2) Because of that mobility, if you are getting the phone to actually use it for what it is, you are going to use a crapload of data. Which is, i'm sure, another reason they feel it is ok to charge that extra $10, 4G or not. 3) That extra $10, for what it is worth, will hopefully enable Sprint to propel their 4G network to where they, maybe just maybe, will eventually have 4G coverage in Arkansas; my guess 2-4 years down the road, but still I'm hopeful. 4( Finally, I personally have no problem paying $10 extra a month because of how cheap Sprint already is with what they offer. And don't try that argument of, oh I can't afford it. I'm a college student who pays his own bills and works a minimum wage job. It just takes a little financial planning. If you want the EVO bad enough, you'll bite the bullet and take it how it is. It's not going to kill you. I promise.
  • its no problem for me my t mobile bill for my mytouch is about $110 a month and im paying for unlimited min,text,data
  • A Sprint mucky muck is getting absolutely hammered over at this blog for their lame ass explanation for the $10 per month mandatory upcharge for everyone, even those in non-4G areas. This is turning into a PR nightmare for Sprint. They are going to lose a lot of potential subscribers over this (including myself).
  • The existing Sprint plans for their 4G "Overdrive" hotspots include unlimited data on 4G, but the 3G still has a 5GB monthly limit. I would be surprised if the Evo did not follow the same pricing model. Basically, if you stay mostly in a 4G area, you're safe, but if you "fall back" onto 3G often, it is worth keeping an eye on data usage.
  • My GOD... You people are crying because youre not getting a Porsche for the price of a Kia... Youre getting a PREMIUM PRODUCT! 4G OR NOT!!! I'm not rich by any means but I'm going to pay it... Do you complain about the price being over $1 when you order a Big Mac from McDonalds? No, because it's CLEARLY better than the dollar menu sandwiches! You all sound like those old f*cks who complain about the price of milk at the grocery store... "back in my day a gallon only cost me $.42". Get over it and move forward... I'd bet my left nut that it will cost more than $10 for VZW's and AT&T's LTE so count your blessings.
  • I can't for the life of me, understand why in the world those of us who will more than likely never get 4G, at least not in my "lifetime" be expected to pay the extra $10/mo. just to provide more to the coffers of Sprint...obviously so they can simply supply 4G to other areas other than mine. Outrageous!!
  • After reading all these posts, here is my 2 cents worth: 1 - People who are being rude and insulting add absolutely nothing to conversation and just look immature, uneducated, and plain stupid.
    2 - I don't mind paying $10 bucks for 4G service (if it is in my area), but Sprint offering very poor reasoning for it just reflects poorly on a company who should focus on building their respectability and competence.
    3 - I *do* have an issue with their CEO saying 4G would be free and now this charge, and as mentioned above, relating it to the device itself versus the true nature of the charge, is just very slimy IMO.
    4 - Yes, Sprint is still a cheaper solution compared to the competition, but I find it hard to believe that the only reason Sprint is bleeding customers is just because of the device selection. Lets be serious, service still factors in. Again, if you are trying to lure customers to Sprint, this arguement is false in many ways, because people look beyond the raw numbers (companies have to do more to get new customers than retain them typically). I am still getting the Evo and paying the $10 charge, but my loyalty may only be temporary based upon how Sprint performs. This is their chance to make me a longtime, or even lifetime customer, I hope they take advantage of their opportunity. PS. The person behind that John PR guys comments should be fired. It really is insulting to people who have a brain...
  • My beef with this is - I live in the sticks (Oregon coast) and will likely never see 4g service in the near future, however sprint/verizon have wonderful 3g support here. Right now I'm on a former cingular plan under AT&T where I get unlimited data for like $58 a month - on my nexus one. I was going to switch to sprint and get an evo, but will no longer do so - because I refuse to pay 10$ per month for something I'll never get to use, unless I visit the valley - which happens like 3 times a year. So keep working on it Sprint - bring me yet another phone that isn't a pile of crap.
  • ...
  • No the EVO isn't a pile of crap (bad choice of words) - but sprint does this with every phone that comes along - there's always some catch to everything they sell that really does just make me frustrated to the point where I say to myself "you know - staying with AT&T maybe isn't so bad after all" - which I honestly find myself saying this time yet again even after having lusted after this phone since its announcement.
  • WOW!!!! I can not believe this. How can $10 cause such drama? How much money do you think it cost Sprint to build, maintain, and continue to expand it? And they did this all AND STILL GIVE YOU THE BEST PRICE IN PLANS!!!! WTF is the big deal? When HDTV came out, was it such a suprise that it would cost more if you want it? When you call for an insurance quote, are you suprised that you have to pay more for better coverage? And let's be clear about what the $10 fee is for. It is NOT a fee for 4G service. It is a "Premium Data Fee". This phone is capable of doing things that others can't and is going to use a lot more data than any other phone (including the iPhone). So is Sprint soooooo bad for FINALLY asking it's customers to pay a little more than they use to? Seriously? When Sprint came out with "Any Mobile, Anytime" did they charge for it? NO!!!! Hell, if you were already on the Everthing Data plan, Sprint just AUTOMATICALLY gave it to you!!!! You didn't have to ask for it! You people should be greatful that Sprint ISN'T like the other carriers out there. You get features included with your plan that other companies charge for. Things like: N&W at 7pm....included!!!
    Sprint TV.....included!!! So now that Sprint has asked you to actually PAY for something, you all wanna freak out! Well did you know that Verizon is now (or will be soon) charging a fee of $20 to show you how to use your phone? That's right folks, when you buy a phone, you have to pay and EXTRA $20 for someone to spend 30 minutes with you going over the features. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Sprint have something called Ready Now where they teach you for FREE!! And Verizon charges $59.99 for the 450 Talk & Text plan. Doesn't Sprint only charge $49.99 for that...hmmmm. Don't even get me started on AT&T and that damn iPhone. Talk about a rip off! I can do almost everything the iPhone does with my iPod Touch. Get over it!!! It's $10. If you are a Sprint Premier customer, you get to upgrade EVERY YEAR and you get 25% off accessories at any time! And for those people saying that the economy is bad and $10 is to much, maybe you shouldn't be worried about getting a high end smartphone and settle for one of those more affordable phones that just make phone call until the economy gets better.
  • "And for those people saying that the economy is bad and $10 is to much, maybe you shouldn't be worried about getting a high end smartphone and settle for one of those more affordable phones that just make phone call until the economy gets better." WORD!
  • So I get most all that on my Nexus One on AT&T - please explain why I should pay 10$ for a service I can't even use?
  • LOL I do apologize, you are correct, sprint does offer the best prices for coverage and with the most goodies and packages included. I have just been so caught up in how greed is an evil creatin that needs tortured slowly and then tortured some more until it dies of pain and the will to live. My friend has this scenario in which he, another friend, and myself are the 3 oil companies in the world. One day he has an accident in the Pacific and has to raise his prices accordingly, as does my other friend to make money when he can, but because I keep my prices low and like 50 cents below them because I want to let people afford gas AND luxuries, apparently I am the douchebag who kept my friends from profit and that once he gets back on his feet he will team up with my other friend and try to put me out of business, legalities aside. It's nothing personal he says, it's just good business, eliminating competition. I can understand where he is coming from, which is scary, that is how greed works, it justsifies nearly everything, including putting out a business that allows the majority of OTHER people to be happy, so they could have their cake AND eat it too. So my delima is that I can understand Sprint charging after giving us so many free services, so I should not complain when they do charge extra, and HOPEFULLY it will go to spreading the 4g towers around faster. My real issue, now clear headed and not ranting like a 5 year old, is that I just don't see the justification for charging that extra 10 dollars to those who will not see 4g in a long, long time. It's simply a matter of principle, don't punish the son for the sins of the father, in this case those fortunate enough to have 4g in their area and actually use it.
  • Its not about how cheap Sprint's existing prices are. Its about asking people to pay for a service they have no access to. Its like if someone asked you to go out and buy a king sized bed so that your neighbor can sleep with his wife in style. PS. You don't get to use the bed.
  • Its not about how cheap Sprint's existing prices are. Its about asking people to pay for a service they have no access to. Its like if someone asked you to go out and buy a king sized bed so that your neighbor can sleep with his wife in style. PS. You don't get to use the bed.
  • Sprint EVO
    Anytime Minutes Monthly Price $69.99
    450 Minutes Any Mobile,
    Unlimited data: Unlimited messaging
    M/W at 7pm
    Premium Data for Evo $10
    (Includes 4G)
    $79.99 EVO plan ATT Iphone
    Nation 450 w/Rollover® Minutes $39.99
    Services: Data Plan for iPhone $30.00
    Messaging Unlimited $20.00
    $89.99 iPhone Plan Verizon Droid
    450 Min + unlimited Txt $59.99
    Unlimited Data $29.99
    $89.98 Droid Plan Seems to me that you are still saving compared to other plans. No one is forcing anybody to get this phone. If you feel it is too much, then don't get the phone. I am in Florida, and in the summer about 5 markets are getting 4G, unfortunately I am not in any of them. But I am considering getting this phone.
  • Well I'm not going to switch anytime soon anymore (I was going to actually!), but I feel a lot of people are upset because we were really quite interested in this phone and all the fun things you could do with it for what seemed like a reasonable price - until the actual pricing details came out. It just seems like a huge letdown - I'd be paying more for service than my friend with his hero, but getting the same services on a faster cpu - whoop-de-do. Let me be perfectly clear - I have ZERO problem paying the $10 tax on the phone for 4G (I'd love to have it!), but I do have a problem paying this when 4G isn't ever going to be available where I live - essentially paying for services not even rendered. I'm subsidizing 4G for customers who do have this service. I asked the service rep on the phone when 4G would be in my area - they said point blank "not planned in the foreseeable future" - which is smart on their part - I don't live near a metropolitan area.
  • What I want to know is how much the device will cost without a contract.
  • First, Sprint sucks. Second the evo is coming out with 2.1 OS. T-mobile is so slow with their android updates. You could get the HD2 and wipe it then put an android rom on it. All android phones are out of date when they come out the box. Their are always new phones coming out every month so you can't think that one of their phones are going to be the best forever. T-mobile has yet to deliver an android powered super phone, so i would suggest you switch or wait till they which won't be soon for sure. Free Business Cards
  • ummm u guys are fuckin douchebags. why do we give a fuck how much att or verizon charges? ppl are comfortable with what they are paying now. if its not EVERYWHERE then dont charge for sumthin everyone cant use. and its obvious and understandable if ppl dnt want to buy becuz of that. with that being said i think sprint will change that seein as how many ppl wont be gettin the evo bcuz of the 10 dollar charge. sprint would make soooo much more money if they kept the plan the same. but sprint has to make dumbass moves. but whatever well see where this goes. and if you didnt have to pay extra wouldnt that be better??? think about it.
  • Easy man. Phil gives us plenty of rope here. No need for F bombs on a family blog :)
  • I completely support higginpott! If Sprint stick to: HTC evo 4g offering their 3G/4G uncapped plan for 69.99 not extra charge Sh%$. No one should be welcoming or accepting $10.00 extra (that's why ATT, Apple and other carriers F$%^ us!... No mention the $29.99 for the hot spot option on EVO. Hopefully soon someone (maybe me) will hack it (remember is Linux running on the phone) and make it available to everyone for taking advantage of it for free. I guarantee you that sprint will have sooooo many customers on their network, switching from verizon (which is very very difficult thing) t-mobile, att(very easy everybody hate them), and becoming from the crappy Sprint (with financial problems)to the #1 carrier until the other try to change their network to 4G as well. SO SPRINT I HOPE YOU CAN READ THIS! And if you are out there and support this comment you will see how fast they will drop the $10.00 for 4G which is not tested yet besides the NY launch event running with a wimax antenna in the building. And even the $29.99 to share the internet connection. I mean think about it, wouldn't you prefer to have the network over loaded of people happy and switching to your network, getting customer's $$ every month from other carriers switching and switching eventually you will have some much revenue to grow and become better. Sprint is not there yet and if become greedy will fail! I am looking at not buying anything yet because of the $10.00 crap and 29.99 respectively, I was going to buy it with my eyes close but they are ruining it. Incredible and Verizon I may stick with you! <3
  • oh and lets get things clear been with sprint since 2003 so ive been through the bad times with them. sprint used to suck for years. so they finally have gotten good. so YES it is too much to ask for 10 bucks extra after all the years theyve SUCKED!!! they owe us sooooo much more! THEY SHOULD BE TAKING OFF 10 DOLLARS NOT ASKIN FOR ANYTHING!!!
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  • What I want to know is how this pricing will affect members of the "Simply Everything Plus" plans. Is our pricing going to change, or are we going to stay the same?
  • We've been sprint customers for over seven years. We've endured the so-so coverage in the places we've been because of the cost savings. I don't appreciate being charge an extra $10 (or $20 for my wife and I) just to get a new phone (no 4G here). I don't mind paying extra for high-end hardware. But the recurring cost turns into real money over time. If this is Sprint doing cost recovery on their infrastructure, the new cost just makes me re-examine Verizon/ATT. I'll do the math and see where we end. But the extra fee is sad for us. For those of us who won't get 4G (or need it) the extra $10 inches us closer to the door.
  • The $10 / month premium data upgrade is kind of "eh" to me. I will never see 4G where I live, so I feel it's pretty crappy to charge me for the 4G usage I will only have when travelling. However I would be willing to part with an extra $10 to have this phone on Sprint's network. What REALLY TICKS ME OFF is the mandatory "Everything Data" plan for $70 / mo. What they are saying is that I won't be paying $10 extra per month, I will actually be paying a full $35 more per month just to use the first decent phone Sprint has released since the Pre. I have unlimited text, data and 400 mins talk for $55 - it's a perk of being a Sprint customer for the past 10 years. They tried this with the Samsung Instinct which infuriated me to no end. I will absolutely be leaving Sprint over this matter. First they nix the Nexus One (the phone I really wanted) and now they expect me to pay $35 extra per month because they *finally* release a decent phone? Shame on you, Sprint. You continue to bleed customers yet you continue to slap them in the face. I thought this would never come, but it is finally time for me to split a plan with my girlfriend at Verizon after 10 full years with Sprint.
  • lol, it's a shame that sprint is doing this, "I will absolutely be leaving sprint" and pay $980 on some other service for less... Fucking dumbasss
  • The big problem, which half of the Sprint apologists don't seem to get, is that Sprint is charging the extra $10 a month even in areas without 4G. For most of the country, you get nothing for your $10: no simultaneous voice and data, no faster speeds, and most people never come close to the 5 GB cap anyway, so that's meaningless. For me, the Evo will provide no more data capability than any other Sprint phone, but will cost me more. How is that reasonable? If you guys had your heads out in the light, instead of stuck in a dark body part, you'd get it. Sprint is promising more than they can deliver, and charging for the promise, not the delivery. And that sucks, period.
  • look guys i love sprint and i'm rooting for them all the way( BUT )the point is not about the $10.00 extra for the 4g thing, is that this is not the time for sprint to take things for granted, sprint keeps on losing customer every day so here it comes a device that can actually not only keep customer but bring extra from other carriers, so here is my take, why you as a ceo of a straggling company go into a national Tv and say that the 4g price is going to be the same as the 3g, then a month later you see that people are starting to react Positively about this phone, then you turn around and put a $10.00 price on something you already said that it was going to be free, thats my point the lie and what potential customer is going to think about sprint..
  • It's not just a $10 upcharge per month. There are all the misc taxes on it in our cell phone bills, which in most states will put it right around $11. So over the life of a two year contract, that is $264. I'd gladly pay an extra $50 for the phone (yes, plus the sales tax), but I won't pay an extra $264, when I live in a non-4G area. No thanks. Do the suits at Sprint think all us prospective customers are bozos and can somehow operate a smartphone, but yet we are too stoopid to run a calculator and do the above math?
  • I'm not sure I understand the extra 10 bucks. I know I saw a video online a couple months back that stated how much less expensive it is to install the 4G network. Yes they need to cover the cost of implementing the 4G but shouldn't that be part of Sprints day to day business to maintain and improve their services. The Evo is going to bring in many more Sprint customers, which will increase their revenue on it's own without hitting Evo buyers up for 10 more dollars. In the future all of Sprint's phones are going to support 4G, that's just the way these things progress. Will they be charging the extra 10 bucks on every capable 4G phone in the future? Sure they will but since the future is 4G why not just tack on 10 bucks on every plan now if things are so tight. Currently we're all paying for 3G whether or not your phone is in a 3G coverage area. Yes I'll be picking up an Evo on my Sprint contract anniversary in July but I guess it would be easier for me to swallow the 10 bucks if it was across the board. To be honest 4G isn't going to make me use my phone anymore than I do right now, and if I could I'd forgo 4G for 3G to save the cost. I just want that Evo! ;)
  • I think what a lot of people on here don't understand is that this has the potential to be a PR nightmare for Sprint. Remember Sprint is still hurting and they are betting on this phone being a game changer for them. If that's the case why would you put such a huge obstacle to someone jumping ship to get this phone. Look as much as people on here are going on about how the Sprint plans are cheaper they are ignoring the fact that when the average consumer finds out they are paying for a service they can't use it will turn people off. Worse imagine if one of the other carriers decides to go at Sprint using this info. It will be as one sided as when Verizon went at AT&T about 3G coverage. I can see it now, Verizon showing a map of Sprint's 4G coverage and telling people that if they want to get the service they are paying for come to Verizon and try out the Incredible. If Sprint was smart they would make the 4G charge optional, especially if you're not in a 4G area. As it is right now all this is is a fee for using the Evo. Its a nice phone but does anyone here think its worth an extra $120 a year just to have it? I certainly don't and I've been with Sprint since 2001.
  • Sprint will be just fine... I did twice as many pre-orders for the EVO than I did for the Iphone 3gs in one day... It won't be the downfall of sprint or anything like that craziness that you all are talking because MOST customers understand that you pay extra for premium gas... You pay extra for 3D movie tickets... and you pay extra for for a HD from your cable provider... You people are being irrational. I understand that people had their hopes up, but it is what it is. Now if you want a product that is better quality than the iphone for a lesser price then you will purchase the evo. If not, then keep your hero, pre or whatever you may have. If you want the best phone on the market for the best price then pay $10 for it... IT'S ONLY $10 PEOPLE!!!
  • Except you're forgetting one very important thing. If Sprint tries to market the $10 as a fee for 4G access how well will that go over for people that are in cities that DON'T have 4G access. You know those major markets where early adopters live like NYC, LA, San Fran, Miami, etc etc. I can't wait for the national campaign to start and customers that are considering coming to Sprint walk into a Sprint store and are told that in addition to having to get over Sprint's bad reputation that its still trying to get out from under you will now have to pay $10 for a feature YOU DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO. The difference between the Evo and your examples of 3D movies, HD channels and the rest is that we can CHOOSE to not use those services and if we do we don't pay. Can't say that with the Evo. Great job Sprint, quality marketing if I ever saw it.
  • They are charging for premium data, which is unlimited 3g/4g (no 5gb cap) video chat and many other services. Not just 4g. but some people chose to ignore that... they should take away the fee, and along with the fee, take away anything that all of the features that people don't want to pay for... then everyone would find something else to bitch about.
  • Actually what they are charging for most people can get within their existing 3G phones. I'm sorry but in a 3G area I doubt the Evo user will use more data than the Hero, Moment or Pre user. The video chat is the only feature unique to the Evo. So what Sprint is really saying, when you cut through the BS so many in here are willing to swallow, is that if you buy the Evo and live in a 3G area you're paying a $10 premium for data that others get for free as part of their service. Now unless you're running video chat I doubt any user who isn't tethering their phone will hit the 5gb cap anytime soon. In fact I bet the majority of users on Sprint who don't tether don't even come close to the 5gb limit. I'm sorry but there are some people on Sprint and other carriers that don't want to pay extra for nothing, whether its 4G service that we don't have access to or premium data that people with damn near every other smartphone will have access to.
  • Everyone complaining about this fee and how Sprint is going down... Sprint will be fine with or without you... People who aren't cheap will pay anything to get what they want. Remember, the Iphone is $980 more per year, and people 500m+ Americans still own it, despite what you all think or want to happen. AT&T's makes people pay $30 for the Iphone data package. MILLIONS of those people do not have 3G service but still pay the fee and don't complain about paying for data though they don't have AT&T's premium service. Sprint customer have the rep of being "poor people" and "bottom feeders" and you all are just bringing that stereotype to life.
  • Sad. I always felt that the Sprint user was a little more savvy than the Iphone user. Yet your argument is "If they do we can too." Funny, some of the same people on here laughing at Iphone users and calling them fanboys half the time are now doing the fanboy dance for Sprint. AT&T charges extra for the IPhone and we call the users stupid for doing it. So now Sprint tries the same thing and because so many in here are emotional about the phone suddenly the same behavior we used to ridicule is now ok and good business practices. Sad.
  • no, that argument was sad. It's not a fandboy dance. The fact of the matter is, that as time goes by, the cost of goods and services will increase. It's called inflation and has been going on forever. Basic economic rules that have been existing in America for 223 years are not going to change because you are upset. Inflation is the very base of our economy. Rather sprint used the correct verbage when explaining the increase of $10 to the customer or not, this is just something that we are going to have to deal with. You people are expecting the HIGHEST end product for the LOWEST price... That simply doesn't happen in America. Or any country for that matter. Get over it, get to your local best buy and pre-order your EVO. You know you will anyways because like I said... IT'S THE HIGHEST OF THE HIGHEST END OF MOBILE DEVICES!
  • Yes costs go up but then you have your ENTIRE base foot the costs, not just the users of a new phone. As for your argument about correct verbiage, well the 210 posts in here plus the large amount happening in the forums, plus the facebook page people are creating goes to show you how Sprint's misstep with verbiage can have a ripple effect. Sprint's latest marketing campaign has been based on getting more for less when you compare their service to AT&T and Verizon. Now they have to explain a 2 tiered system to potential customers oh and if your don't explain it properly it comes across as paying for a feature you don't have access to. As I've said before, I hope Verizon doesn't decide to use this fee as a way to market the Incredible. Now before you say "Well Sprint is cheaper anyway" think about it. Verizon will be able to say that they offer the Incredible, a phone just as good as the Evo, on the most extensive network and by the way WE DON'T CHARGE YOU EXTRA TO HAVE THE LATEST DEVICES. What will Sprint say, that the extra fee will allow you on the 4G network? Yeah that will go over well when you show a map of 4G coverage and places like San Fran, New York, Miami, Los Angeles are dark. Hell those 4 cities alone make up close to 15% of the entire US population. I wonder how much they make up of Sprint users. I want Sprint to succeed because I've been with them since 2001. The backlash on the fee is starting to go viral so we'll see what Sprint does to address the issue.
  • Well for me, I work in the industry and I know what pre-sales look like and the KC market alone has done more pre-sales in 2 days than the iphone did throughout the entire pre-sale time slot (3 weeks). With that being said. yes there will be thousands of people who don't buy because of the $10 fee, but there will be millions of people who do. With all of that being said, I think that Sprint will stick to their guns and keep the $10 charge. Viral or not... mark my words and quote me on this. PEOPLE WILL STILL PAY TO GET WHAT THEY WANT.
  • 've been struggling with the $10 fee, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it but I sent an email to and one of his many secretaries sent me this reply: Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for contacting us through From reviewing your
    email, I understand you have expressed your concerns regarding the $10
    Premium Data fee which is to experience the data that EVO provides. EVO
    users will typically consume more data, and the Premium Data Fee assures
    they have the bandwidth to do it. I understand your concern regarding
    this fee put in place. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be
    forwarded to the appropriate team for further review. If you have any
    additional questions or concerns I can be reached at 757-223-3230 M-F
    9am-6pm EST. Thank you We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to
    address your concerns. Please reply to this email or visit if we can be of further assistance. Sincerely,
    Karen W.
    Sprint So that was the email. IF it's true why they are charging the $10, then I support it, but if it's just for profit padding then that is different.
  • I just cant see myself using anymore data than I already do with my current "unlimited" plan why should I have to pay more for something I am already paying for just because Sprint assumes that I "might" use more data, that is ridiculous and slightly offensive to me I just don't understand this new marketing ploy nor do I understand how Hesse can blatantly lie about not charging anything extra for 4g and then slip this "little" upcharge in. I am also tired of hearing about how much more Verizon and AT&T are and that we are still saving money that is not the point here, we have been lied to everyone I know that is a Sprint subscriber does so because of the price, I thought that Sprint was different than AT&T and Verizon but this makes me see otherwise and almost makes me want to buy a Nexus1 off contract and switch to Tmobile prepay plan
  • I say to stop crying about the 10 dollar charge when you consider how much you have to pay for crappier data from Verizon, ATT and Tmobile! You are still paying A LOT less than the other three! DO THE MATH!!!!!
  • However, I do say cray fowl about the tethering charge!!!!