Horizon Forbidden West: List of all outfits

Horizon Forbidden West Oseram Artificer
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Across Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy will have the opportunity to find new gear to better prepare her for new challenges. This includes finding new outfits, which offer bonuses to skills, as well as better protection and also just the chance to look more stylish. 

We've combed through the game, finding all the different post-apocalyptic fashion styles available for our red-headed heroine. Here's a list of all outfits in Horizon Forbidden West, separated out by rarity. 

Horizon Forbidden West - How to choose the right Outfit

Aloy's adventures in Horizon Forbidden West will bring her in contact with countless new deadly threats. From tracking down the cause of a mysterious blight to tangling with the new machines of Horizon Forbidden West, danger is everywhere. As such, one of the best investments you can make while playing is grabbing a new outfit. 

Outfits are roughly divided into four color-coded tiers: Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Very Rare (Purple), and Legendary (Orange). In general, armor from a higher ranking tier is going to be better than anything in the prior tier. You can use rare upgrade materials to further improve a set however, so be sure to compare your equipment before decided to spend some hard-earned shards. 

In addition to being able to purchase new outfits, you'll also get a handful doled out through side quests, so don't neglect your optional objectives forever! This is a great way to ensure you still get new armor without spending shards at the various merchants.

Horizon Forbidden West - Uncommon Outfits

  • Carja Blazon
  • Nora Anointed
  • Nora Champion
  • Nora Huntress
  • Oseram Explorer

Horizon Forbidden West - Rare Outfits

  • Carja Shadow
  • Carja Wanderer
  • Nora Sentinel
  • Oseram Arrow Breaker
  • Oseram Wayfarer
  • Tenakth Marshal
  • Utaru Harvester
  • Utaru Whisperer

Horizon Forbidden West - Very Rare Outfits

  • Carja Trader
  • Carja Behemoth Tracker
  • Nora Tracker
  • Nora Valiant
  • Oseram Striker
  • Oseram Vanguard
  • Sobeck's Raiment
  • Tenakth Marauder
  • Tenakth Reaver
  • Tenakth Recon
  • Tenakth Skirmisher
  • Tenakth Sky Climber
  • Tenakth Vindicator
  • Utaru Hardweave
  • Utary Ritesinger
  • Utaru Thresher
  • Utaru Warden

Horizon Forbidden West - Legendary Outfits

It's worth mentioning that most of the Legendary Outfits are, naturally, endgame-level equipment. You'll get these for finishing some extremely long quest chains and for earning lots of awards in the Arena. 

  • Carja Stalker Elite
  • Nora Thunder Warrior
  • Oseram Artificer
  • Tenakth Tactician
  • Tenakth Vanquisher
  • Utaru Winterweave

Have fun!

Ultimately, Horizon Forbidden West is a video game, which means it's supposed to be fun. If you're finding that you really, really like the look of a certain set of armor but it isn't keeping you alive, it's always okay to just turn the difficulty down a notch. If that isn't the way you want to go, consider consulting our Horizon Forbidden West beginners tips and tricks in order to get a better edge in the game. 

Horizon Forbidden West is currently available and based on critical response, it's easily one of the best PS5 games available. 

In our review, where we awarded Horizon Forbidden West 5 out of 5 stars, Android Central games editor Jennifer Locke wrote that "Anybody who was a fan of Horizon Zero Dawn owes it to themselves to play Forbidden West. And for those that haven't played its predecessor yet, Forbidden West stands on its own as an outstanding action-RPG that players will be talking about for years to come."

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