Here's where to buy the Nexus Player

Google's first Android TV box now available from even more retailers

A couple months after its initial release, you're finally able to purchase the $99 Nexus Player from retailers other than Google. That's important for a number of reasons — perhaps the best of which is that you might well have a gift card or to for other retailers just burning a hole in your pocket.

But why buy a Nexus Player when it's nearly three times the price of a Chromecast? We can sum that up in two words: Android TV. Think a full-fledged Android system connected to your large-screen television, complete with dozens and dozens of games. And that means if you've purchased a game once on a phone or tablet, you might not have to buy it again for Android TV. (Some games may have completely new versions, though.) You'll also get great experiences for YouTube and Google Play Music, as well as a number of other multimedia apps, including Bloomberg, Pandora, Songza and more.

If you're still not sure, be sure to check out our complete Nexus Player review. (And to join in the discussion, swing by our Nexus Player forums!)

And just as the list of games and apps available for the Nexus Player continues to grow, so grows the list of retailers from which you can buy one. Here's where all you can pick up a Nexus Player:

Phil Nickinson