Hearthstone's League of Explorers expansion is now available

Hearthstone's latest single player adventure, League of Explorers, is now available. The popular battle card game from Blizzard has added new, treasure-filled areas, features like class challenges, and of course, new cards.

To recap, League of Explorers features 45 new cards. It contains four new wings full of danger, including traps, bosses and more, which will allow you to earn new cards. Clearing all of a wing's challenges for the first time will see you rewarded with that wing's legendary card, such as Elise Starseeker.

Class challenges are also new in League of Explorers. Each of the nine classes gets their own set of challenges, which you will need to complete using a pre-made deck which will help you prove your skill with a particular class. There will also be new game boards, and the new Discover keyword helps you find the cards in your collection that will help you the most. Finally, Heroic Mode will put a Heroic modifier on any challenge you've cleared, increasing its difficulty.

You can grab Hearthstone from the Google Play Store right now.

Joseph Keller