Yesterday, September 3, was a big day for Android. Why? It's when Google started rolling out the public build of Android 10 to all of its Pixel phones.

It'll take some time for Android 10 to make its way to devices from Samsung, LG, and other OEMs, but for the time being, Pixel (and, surprisingly, Essential) owners can bask in the glory that is Android 10.

Taking a gander at the AC forums, a lot of our community members are already rocking the new software.


I just downloaded the image and will side load it


just got the ota. installing now. was on beta 6.


Me too, a whopping 5.5 MB download!


Just got the OTA notification. I was not on the beta program so mine is 1337MB (leet lol)


What about you? Have you installed Android 10 on your Pixel?

Join the conversation in the forums!

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