Have you found the Google Pixel 5 to be a durable phone?

Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 5 (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

While previous Pixel phones were metal and glass sandwiches in the truest sense, the Google Pixel 5 saw a dramatic change in material design for the brand. Instead of a Gorilla Glass back, we got an aluminum rear panel coated in a protective resin, which could even allow for wireless charging. At first glance, it looked, and felt, like one of the most durable of the best Android phones.

But has that proven to be true? Is the Google Pixel 5 really that durable? That's the question raised by a recent AC community forums post.

Hi, Unfortunately my 2+year old Pixel 3XL is nearing its end. The back is randomly separating near the power and volume rocker and going all the way down the phone. Not sure if it's just adhesive or battery expanding. I was not thrilled with Google's solution so even though I had planned on not upgrading until October/November looks like that's moving up to now. I value a great camera...


No issues with durability on my pix 5, they mentioned battery issue on pix 4xl and no issues there also


Between Pixel 5 and the smaller OnePlus 9, Pixel 5 any day. Just my opinion though and don't like the direction OnePlus is heading and their software updates suck. Also no reliability issues on pixel 5 and there haven't been any wide spread problems as well.


The Pixel 5's overall fit and finish is superb in my humble opinion. It feels solid and as far as durability is concerned, my wife P5 and mine have sustained multiple drops with no issue. Now granted, we both have hard cases and glass screen protectors. Battery life is excellent, the best of the of the pixels we have enjoyed (P1XL, P3XL, and P5). Good luck with you choice and best regards.


We want to hear from you — Have you found the Google Pixel 5 to be a durable phone? Let us know!

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