As of April 3, 2019, Google began pushing out Beta 2 for Android Q. The build aims to be a bit more stable than Beta 1 while also introducing new features — most notably the addition of chat bubbles for your notifications.

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A lot of our AC forum members have already downloaded Beta 2 and started using it for themselves. Here are their initial thoughts!


First thing I noticed was the battery icon is now outlined. I like it.


Got a couple apps that seem to struggle a bit, kinda slow is all. My banking app, Chase, works now but play store updated it also. Happy with B2. Seems very smooth overall.


I'm running Nova Prime. Once in a while it overlays some Google icons and Google search bar on the home screen. I've been able to clear them away by closing recent apps. So far that's all I've found.


What about you? Have you downloaded Android Q Beta 2?

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