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Hangouts updated to correct tablet compatibility issues

Nexus 7 and other tablet users can now update to replace the Google Talk app

Following its announcement at Google I/O, the new Hangouts app from Google has had a bit of a rocky rollout to certain devices. Because it replaces a pre-installed system app (Google Talk), there are some complications with pushing an update that makes so many changes. When the app first hit the Play Store many users wouldn't get the option to update, especially if they were on tablets. Google has just pushed out an update today that should fix those issues, making the app compatible with tablets of all sizes.

The app's description has also been updated to note that it is aware of some compatibility issues, and that Hangouts is actually being rolled out over the course of several days. That would explain why some users that were eager to install saw some hiccups. Rest assured that as of now most devices (using Android 2.3 and up) should be good to go with an update from the Play Store directly.

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  • I was able to update on my Note II but the Talk icon is still there. Icon doesn't update to the new Hangouts icon. Anyone else have this issue?
  • If you have a custom launcher, you'll have to change the icon manually.
  • Go to the play store on your computer ( and update it from there and it should switch over.
  • you are not alone at all on that issue. In the app draw the icon says talk but below it says hangouts and on my launcher it still says talk. Go figure that one out.
  • Hi F123D, go to Settings > Apps > All > Hangouts, now click Clear Cache & Clear Data & Uninstall Updates (which is just for that app), now go back into Google Play and download the app again. You should now have the Hangouts app with the correct icon showing.
  • Thanks for the tips. Tried them all and unfortunately still have the Talk icon (along with restarting and turning off phone). I'm using Nova Launcher so just changed it that way. Weird because other apps have updated their icons in the past and it automatically changed on my phone as well. Just not Hangouts. At least I know it's not just my phone.
  • It's in Nova's hands now to update the "jelly bean" icon list. I am with you I am running Nova Launcher on my S4 with stock Jelly Bean icons.
  • Icon auto-updated on my N4 with Nova Prime.
  • I had the same issue on my rooted Galaxy Nexus running CM10.1. This was afraid installing the HANGOUTS app from the phone. When I went to Google Play on my iMac it was showing as if the app was never installed. Once I installed it from my computer it installed successfully and the app icon changed.
  • Thanks for keeping us updated. I really like this new app!
  • Yeah its on my acer iconia a500 custom rom already...
  • Everything works fine for me heheh
  • I'm in the camp that says it's the biggest POS google has put out in a long time. While I think the name itself is lame as hell. My main issues in order are... 1. All of your contacts are added whether you want them there or not. Face it, I don't want every contact in my address book in my hangout. There is no way to remove the unwanted contacts from the list without blocking them (which also blocks them from your google+. Now I have 200+ names in my hangout. Wheres that stupid sign that we can hang around google's neck. 2. I have 2 separate accounts one for just my family and the other for my xda and android central friends. There is no real way to separate these accounts. All the contacts for each are merged together. Again, where's that sign? 3. While it does show when you are online or offline it doesn't give you to option of being away or busy. There or more but these are my top 3. It's really a huge step backward from talk.
  • Yup, I have to agree, and I'm refusing to install it till some of these features are fixed. Maybe if you sign up for Google+ this works better, but not for me. To your list I can add: 4. The UI is a horribly complex mess compared to Talk
    5. Why are some of those people taking up HUGE amounts of screen space?
    6. Jabber interoperability is totally broken. STANDARDS Google, Use them!
    7. How do you make a voice Only chat? If the other party is on WiFi you get no option for voice only.
    8. Frequent contacts list composed of people I don't even know, and haven't ever sent a message to.
    9. Frequently contacted list is a privacy violation. It should be optional.
  • 2. You are missing the ENTIRE point of Google plus circles.
  • True, Google+ users already had circles. They don't need hangouts to replicate circles. Some of us don't want anything to do with Google+.
    We were smart enough to stay away from Facebook, and Plus has just as many bad ramifications.
  • Do you even know what Circles and Hangouts are?
  • Wtf? As above poster said, do you have any idea what Hangouts and Circles are? Hint: they are in no way related to each other. Hangouts replicating Circles? That's like saying a warm refrigerator replicates the color seven.
  • You are probably right, because, like I said, I refuse to join Google+. So telling me I don't know a hand cuff from a leg iron because I haven't sold my soul to google isn't saying much about me, but says a lot about you.
  • I'm one of those who dinosaurs who rarely SMS, text, or message. The whole concept of "Instant Messaging" seems arrogant, that people should be at my instant beck and call. I certainly don't want to be at theirs and do not want to be one of those people that demands they be at mine. Since I don't use message programs I have no use for Talk or these new Hangouts (which I guess are different than G+ Hangouts?? Those I see more like participating in video podcasts?). I see no reason to update from Talk, like I didn't update Facebook and did not install FB Home. Any reason to in my case? What am I missing?
  • Well I find Talk handy because I have customers on other continents, and email can be too slow, phone calls too expensive, and SMS simply not available internationally. Clearly you don't just start Google Talking with any random contact, and expect them to answer immediately. But for the quick question to a workmate or associate far away its very convenient. They might appreciate it if you started using it more, rather than having to deal with email delay. SO: Pick up a dozen eggs and a quart of milk on the way home.
    Duane: Kbye.
  • Instant messaging existed way before text messaging
  • It looks okay on my nexus 7, though I use gTalk as my primary form of instant messenger and it feels "clunky". The friends list is my least favorite part of the app.
  • My phone (LG LS970) had a message to update Hangouts (replace talk) in the services it uses it had SMS and MMS???
    If you go to Settings > Apps > Permissions you will see SMS and MMS... Did I miss some type of announcement of Hangouts supporting those?
  • They are going to support them in the near future. Currently, it doesn't handle SMS, but it will in a future update.
  • I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that an app, which Google makes, which replaces another app which Google makes, wasn't able to replace an app that Google made on an OS that Google made on a table that everyone gives Google credit for making.
  • The sound is VERY LOW!
    The video quality is LOW!
    I am trying to make a video call from my HTC One to my daughter's LG Viper and I can barely hear her and the sound is delayed.
    The video quality is terrible!
    It looks like there's a lot of work to be done to this app if it tries to compete with Skype and other apps that do the same thing.
  • I have to be honest, I'd hoped that I would be, but I'm not impressed. I loaded it on my phone and my wife's phone to test it out, hoping to replace Whatsapp and Tango in one fell swoop. All I wanted was the ability to put my wife's contact at the top, label it with her name and do the opposite for her phone. Instead I get suggestions for people in my contact list that I haven't talked to for years placed at the top and constant encouragement to join google+. Sorry, Whatsapp will stay for texting. Also, I'll keep using Tango for vid-callng because it is less annoying than hangouts. -Suntan
  • I like the whole concept of hangouts, but until it has sms integration it's just google talk with a face lift. I use go launcher on my nexus 4. The hangouts app was pushed to my phone right away. However, the actual talk application and icon weren't updated until a few hours later.
  • It'll be cool when Google gets around to having Hangouts show up alphabetically in the app drawer (still in the T's for 'Google Talk'). I think it's a little funny: earlier people were crying foul because Hangouts had no SMS integration. Then the very next day when Google mentioned SMS integration was coming in the future, we're back to the drawing board with the list of complaints, lol. Seems some aren't going to be happy either way haha. Not complaining nor expecting perfection; can't wait to see what future updates will bring.
  • I'm looking forward to trying the SMS Integration when it's added I've used the SMS integration in Facebook Messager, but find the pop up banner when I'm not online annoying & chat heads gets annoying when using SMS integration. I really hope Google doesn't go down the offline notification route with Hangouts, currently using iPhone Messages from the Play Store for the pop up notification but willing to switch to anything that beats Facebook Messager.
  • I updated. I like hangouts but unfortunately video chat is really laggy.
  • I have an s3 I don't see any option to send pics?!
  • I still have the Google Messenger app installed. Hasn't Hangout replaced this as well as Google Talk?