ASUS Transformer AiO PC

Android Central @ CES

We've got our hands on something from ASUS that we didn't think would be around, and that's the Transformer AiO PC. To be honest it's easy to miss as an Android device because this thing also dual boots Windows 8. This 18.4-inch behemoth isn't actually a desktop computer... it's a tablet. The stand and base with the ports serves as a docking station for this device which can be removed and operated fully anywhere. It's got a nice hefty handle at the top, and a sturdy kickstand at the bottom. It's definitely heavy, so this will be more like a room-to-room mover than an out-of-the-house kind of device.

There's a button on the side that flips between Windows 8 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean seamlessly whether it's docked or in "tablet" mode. The Transformer AiO is running an unspecified ARM chip, but when you place it in the dock, you have the full power of an Intel Core i7 processor to help out with performance (especially in Windows.) It's a little unclear how the processor and OS switching is happening, however.

This is definitely one of the weirder form-factors we've seen Android put on, but we enjoy the challenge of trying to understand the possible use cases for these things. Stick around after the break for several more pictures of the Transformer AiO.