Dell Hancock and Millenium Android smartphones in leaked 2011 roadmap

Our sister site WPCentral got hold of Dell's leaked roadmap for smartphones, and the Android news looks awesome. 

According to the leaked slides, in September we should be seeing the Dell Hancock, a dual-core and dual-camera beast running (wait for it) Ice Cream on a 4 inch qHD 960x640 display with an 8mp rear camera and 1.3mp front camera. That rear camera shoots 1080p video, by the by.

Not to be outdone, the Dell Millenium follows in Q4 with a 4.3 inch screen, qHD 960x540 resolution,  and DLNA support on top of dual-core Ice Cream goodness. Another 8mp shooter (with 1080p video) appears on the back of this with a VGA front camera.

We're sure that we will see more phones like these as time goes by, but it's a bit of a rush to see it this early in the game.  There's also a couple of WP7 handsets in the leaked roadmap which look really interesting, so be sure to hit WPCentral for more news about them.

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Thanks Anonymous!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • interesting........the Handcock has a qwerty landscape keyboard.
  • The Hancock looks awesome. It actually has the same resolution as the iPhone 4. Won't have the same pixel density because of its screen size, however.
  • Fail, you edited while I corrected you lol. Come on Dell, you should make your confidential roadmaps easier for us common folk to read :)
  • I think that's just a typo, qHD is 960x540.
  • who cares about the d@mn iphone!?!
  • so they are going to be releasing their dual core android phones while the quad core tegras come out? cmon dell!
  • Hancock needs to be released now... or Q2 '11... I want to replace my damn AT&T Fuze and jump onto android asap...
  • Atrix?
  • not with blur on board
    and well, i'm still a sucker for hardware keyboards.. otherwise i would've gotten a new phone already. I'm looking at NAM Desire Z A7275 though.. I'm not going to wait till Q1 '12 for a new phone when this little @#$% (AT&T Fuze) is rapidly giving me the middle finger every other call....
  • Anyone have any idea or hunch if any of these will get to anyone but AT&T? Looking for Sprint.
  • So far, what you see is what everyone knows.
    I think dell has a pretty good habit of going GSM though. Maybe their phones will be useable worldwide (support all the 3G bands)
  • these phones look pretty bad ass. Crazy to think a year ago everyone was freaking out about a single core 1 Ghz processor, and now we are talking about a Quad Core 1+ Ghz phone coming out this year. the laptop I'm typing this on is only a dual core!!