This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Smartphones scream in the dead of night!

This is Halloween, everybody pick a theme! Trick or treat till the app is gonna crash in fright!

You've probably got a costume for tonight, right? Well, do you have one for your phone? You don't want to leave your most important device out of the fun, do you? Especially when you can make your Android phone look like anything, from an old iPhone to a Pokedex and everything in between. Android themes are amazing, and there's no better time to try one of our many Android themes than Halloween! So dress up your phone! Who knows? Maybe you'll like it so much you keep these decorations up 'til Christmas.

Star Wars

You don't know the power of the dark theme!

Speaking of Christmas, we've got Rogue One coming up, and while we're saving some new themes for closer to release day, there's nothing saying you can't rock our Rebel Alliance themes until then! We've also got a Sith theme for our friends on the dark side, and the most adorable BB-8 theme you can raise a torch to!

Star Wars Themes

Pokémon Go

Android, I choose you!

Valor, Instinct, Mystic, we love all trainers and their Pokémon, though some are clearly better than others. (coughcoughMysticcoughcough) In this spirit, we have home screen themes to show off your team spirit as you enjoy the spirited event going on right now in the game. And for those seeking peace between the teams, we have a little something for you, too!

Pokémon Go Themes

Finding Dory

Just keep swimming

Want a theme for your phone that's both adorable and functional? This Finding Dory theme takes advantage of Google Keep's colors and widgets to make a theme that'll help you be a little less forgetful than Dory as you struggle to remember which houses you still need to hit and which to avoid.

Finding Dory Theme

Captain America Civil War

Phone costumes can be sexy, too!With great themeing comes great responsibility

We got Cap. We got Iron Man. We got Spidey. We got Panther. We got Widow. Whichever side of Marvel's Civil War you fall on, there's a theme for you, and these themes are amazing every single day of the year, but they add an extra touch of AWESOME to your costumes for tonight.

Captain America Civil War Themes

. Superman

Bats, Sups, who ya got?

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's ANDROID! Okay, these themes don't come with utility belts or capes, but they are amazing themes for the Dark Knight and Man of Steel that you can rock on Halloween or any other night of the year. Because you're Batman!

Batman vs. Superman Themes

Suicide Squad

We're bad guys!

I dunno if anyone else is still humming the soundtrack from Suicide Squad of if it's just me, but Harley's theme is playful, colorful, and ever so slightly crazy, so it's perfect for Halloween! Deadshot's muted theme is both deadly efficient and drop-dead beautiful. So be a bad guy this holiday and get your Suicide Squad on with these lovely themes.

Suicide Squad Themes



Deadpool treats every day like it's Halloween: he dresses up in a sexy costume, tricks a bunch of bad guys, and tries stealing treats from everyone he can. This is perhaps the most complex theme we've ever done, but hey, if you're willing to give Maximum Effort, this fourth-wall-breaking theme might just be for you.

Deadpool Theme


It's a trap!

Halloween's a wonderful night for getting in costume and tricking people, so grab your Android, slap this iPhone theme on it, and go see how long it takes your friends to realize they've been had. Bonus points if you can show them how awesome Android's home screens can look by switching back to a more creative theme once their minds have been blown.

iPhone Theme

Windows Phone

Like Windows Phone, but useful

Say what you will about Windows Phone, dressing your Android up as one for Halloween can also lead to some fun pranks. Also, considering the robust Android offering Microsoft offers, this could also be a gateway into some of their apps you'd never considered (or known). No Ninja Cat costume is complete without one!

Windows Phone Theme


Stay mobile, my friends.

Our favorite tech reviewing YouTuber MrMobile was honored with his own home screen theme shortly after his launch earlier this year. If you wanna go to a party as MrMobile, get some gel in your hair, a Star Trek communicator and this theme on your phone. Stay mobile, my friends.

MrMobile Theme