Grow your own veggies and herbs with the AeroGarden Sage Harvest on sale for $90

Sage Harvest
Sage Harvest

Got a green thumb? Don't but kinda wish you did? Grab the AeroGarden Sage Harvest indoor garden that makes growing your own herbs and vegetables super easy. Today it's on sale for just $89.99 at Amazon. The Sage Harvest normally sells for around $130. This is the first time it has ever dropped this low and the first time it has even gone on sale since January. This deal only applies to the Sage Harvest as the White and Black versions are going for around $130.

Comes with a 6-pod gourmet herb seed kit and a 3-ounce bottle of plant nutrients. Grows six plants at a time up to 12 inches tall. Grows in water with powerful LED lights. Don't need soil so there's no mess. Control panel helps you out, too.

It really doesn't matter whether you're a brand new gardener or someone with some experience who wants to flex a bit, the AeroGarden Harvest makes it super easy either way. Really, it does most of the work. This is a hydroponic garden, which means the plants grow from the water, the nutrients provided, and strong LED lights. There's no need for soil at all, which is often a huge part of gardening and a huge mess you don't have to worry about here.

The indoor garden uses high-performance full spectrum 20-watt LED lights to help the plants maximize photosynthesis, which means you get rapid, natural growth. Thanks to the lights, you can basically put the garden anywhere you want. It doesn't need to be next to a window or sitting on your balcony. Your plants will still grow and all you have to do is keep up with the water and the food.

The built-in control panel will help with that. It will tell you when to add more water, remind you when to give the plant food (of which a 3-ounce bottle comes with your purchase), and it can even automatically turn the lights on and off.

The included gourmet herb seed kit includes six pods for genovese basil, parsely, dill, thyme, Thai basil, and mint. That'll get you started with some fresh new herbs you can use in some new recipes.

John Levite
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