Google is having a bit of fun in the latest Android N Developer Preview by trolling us with a Namey McNameface Easter egg. While we doubt the name is going to stick for the final version, it's still a great name and would make for a heck of a shirt, huh? Especially since when Google announced that it would be seeking submissions for the name of the update, it specifically called out Namey McNameface as something that should not be submitted.

Namey McNameface

So, before Google announces the official name for the next version of Android, why not grab one of these limited edition t-shirts for your collection. There are a few options available for t-shirt styles, as well as a sweatshirt option if you want something to wear when it's a bit cooler. This will instantly become a collectors edition as Google announces the real name, making it even cooler to have. You want to be a cool kid, right? If so, hit the link below and grab one for yourself now, as you only have until June 27 to get your order in!

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