GoPro plans to release a new video editing app later this summer

According to GoPro president Tony Bates, the company is in the final phase of testing for a new video editing mobile app. The new suite will enable consumers with GoPro cameras to trim and share video straight from their smartphones. GoPro aims to have the app made available by the end of summer.

While the company has toyed with products that sport on-camera editing, the move from editing video on the desktop to mobile makes more sense for those who utilize the company's products. It's not a perfect solution – we'd rather see a cloud-based service to offer backup and editing capabilities – but it will make editing a vastly improved process, without the wait to find a PC.

As noted above, GoPro aims to have the app made available to the general public by the end of summer. As a side note, the company recently reported a 72% increase in revenue for Q2 2015, hitting $420 million.

Using a GoPro with Android

Source: TechCrunch

Rich Edmonds