Google's now forcing OEMs to update devices with 'regular' security patches

Hide your keys, hide your phone
Hide your keys, hide your phone (Image credit: Android Central)

Google I/O is always home to a lot of announcements, and while the biggest ones usually come from the opening keynote, there are little nuggets to be found throughout the smaller breakout sessions over the week.

As spotted by XDA Developers, there was one particularly interesting statement that came out of Google's "What's new in Android security" talk.

During it, David Kleidermacher, Android's head of security, said the following:

We've also worked on building security patching into our OEM agreement. Now this will really lead to a massive increase in the number of devices, and users, receiving regular security patches.

Some OEMs such as Essential and Sony have shown a good track record for updating their phones with security patches on a timely basis, but other brands have a tendency to keep users waiting and waiting.

Kleidermacher didn't explain what exactly "regular" updates mean, but by requiring OEMs follow through with this, we should hopefully see many more smartphones running the latest patches compared to what we've got right now.

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Joe Maring

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