Nest Thermostat ESource: Android Central

What you need to know

  • Google will reportedly launch a new Nest Thermostat very soon.
  • It is tipped to be priced at $129.
  • The new thermostat will offer gesture controls, thanks to a sensor similar to the Soli system in Google's Pixel 4 series phones.

Google is reportedly gearing up to launch a new Nest Thermostat that will not only be more affordable than its predecessors, but will also offer gesture controls. According to Bloomberg, the new smart thermostat is likely to be released sometime "in the coming weeks."

The upcoming model is tipped to be priced at $129, which is $30 lower than the Nest Thermostat E. Like the Nest Thermostat E, Google's next smart thermostat will feature a plastic casing. However, some of the touch controls on the thermostat will be replaced by gesture controls.

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As per people familiar with the new tech, the upcoming Nest Thermostat will be capable of reading user's hand gestures, thanks to a sensor similar to the Soli chip found in the Pixel 4 series phones. Users will be able to swipe their hand up or down in front of the device to adjust the temperature. Users will also be able to navigate menus by moving their hand toward or away from the smart thermostat.

Nest Thermostat E

Nest Thermostat E

Google's Nest Thermostat E comes with a minimalist design and is compatible with most HVAC systems. It can learn your heating and cooling preferences and make adjustments to ensure you stay comfortable and save energy at the same time.

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