Google's new site helps you find the right Chromebook for you

Dell Chromebook 13
Dell Chromebook 13 (Image credit: Android Central)

Google just made it easier to find the right Chromebook for you, adding a new section to its Chromebook site called "Find Yours." The sections helps you sift through the various brands, screen sizes, and device types in order to select your ideal machine.

Simply navigate to the Find Yours section of the Chromebook site and scroll down to find a wide swath of Chrome OS devices, including laptops, convertibles, and desktops, all from manufacturers like Dell, HP, and Samsung. Select the More Filters button to get a list of criteria, then select the various filters based on your needs. As you do, the gallery of available devices shrinks until computers meeting your exact specifications are all that's left.

After you've found the machine you want, you can select it to bring up an information card. That card will also feature several links for stores where you can purchase the product.

Joseph Keller